Payment by bank card for recharging an electric car is still out of sight

For some people, this is a great idea for an electric car. Especially on long trips, the dog needs more ground, or more charging cards, IP or applications from different operators. Although the overall situation is improving and people who use electric cars are learning the necessary things, this does not change the fact that paying for the purchase of electronics with a payment card, as it is possible for all other goods and services, would be a shortcut for I care about the people.

In Germany, there is a problem with the fact that the operator of filling stations will have the obligation to pay with a payment card at all newly built stations from the middle of the fifth year. Don’t sweat with him like that in Esk. The operator has reasons for this.

Payment terminals are generally still dark. But as it turns out, it is a matter of future regulation, to Pavel Lux from Prask energetika. In PRE, we have introduced direct card payment for unregistered orders with a QR code and a payment gateway. There is also no payment terminal for eit at the moment, continues Lux.

From the analysis of the foreign market, it is thus confirmed that the technology of payment terminals is not sufficiently reliable and economical. We at PRE are currently only testing where we would use this technology at all. However, it turns out to us that payment through an online payment gateway is completely functional and acceptable, he added.

One-time charging without the need to enter into a long-term contract is also possible by the EZ company, as well as by using the mobile application. In essence, it is a card payment, but through a payment gateway. The prerequisite is the installation of the pslun application. At a time when the ever-increasing volume of transactions takes place online, the application seems adequate to us, in addition, it is only about instant payments, because registered customers pay nothing on the spot at the delivery station, according to Martin Schreier, press officer of EZ.

And he explains in more detail why, as an operator, he saw the importance of installing a normal payment terminal at a charging station: It would reduce the costs of operating the stations, which are now unmanned. This would put pressure on the final price for the order, even if the payment card used to cover the route had to be read. It would also bring related problems and costs.

the flow of payment cards must be integrated into the station’s equipment, and this entails technological limitations. In some small stations, only st. It is not possible to add a flow of payment cards to the station, because you would have to re-certify, explains Schreier.

Another problem is that there would have to be a thin-walled printer and proof of payment at the station. With this, the demands for gossip and traffic grow. although it would be possible to send tickets by e-mail, but the customer would first have to download the application and enter his e-mail address, which he would have to confirm, and we are dealing with a similar complex process as when paying in the application. The operator is also concerned that stations equipped with a payment terminal would be prone to vandalism.

We are currently working on one where identification and authorization will take place based on the communication between the car and the charging station (so-called Autocharge) and the whole process will be unified. So let’s think that together with the development of roaming, PMO payments at the station for a specific charge will become a reality, added Martin Schreier.

The question is how many people honestly see the inability to pay by card as a problem. Those, for whom it was one of the reasons, for not getting an electric car, of course they can’t sweat. For new owners, the best option is to use a charge card from the supplier of your electric car. In fact, the number of charging stations that are integrated into the system is constantly growing for every car manufacturer with such a service.

He had a load of PRE mushrooms in the cracks of Holeovice

E.ON/Tesla charging hub in Humpolec

Last year, around 165,000 charging stations in Europe were available in the BMW/MINI Charging range, this year there are around 388,000 of them, of which 2,557 are in R (at the end of 2021, only 1,700). According to the words of David Haidinger, about 95% of customers activate it. The Powerpass and Chargee applications from the Auto code currently offer no more than 2,000 charging points, a year ago there were only about 650. With a new electric car, the card is about a quarter of the orders.

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