The most brutal Dodge Challenger in the world? It runs on LPG and is from Germany

If someone finds the Dodge Challenger too muscular, this tuning modification is the right solution.

In recent weeks, the Dodge Challenger has been mentioned more than ever before, mainly because of the upcoming radical change that concerns the drive itself. The current generation of the Challenger, which has been with us since 2008, is the last one not only with a Hemi V8, but with an internal combustion engine in general. According to the spokesperson of the car company, the new generation will arrive in two years in purely electric form.

This is bad news for muscle car fans. All the more we can expect an increase in sales of the current generation, which should be offered at least until 2024, before the new model arrives in electric form. The Challenger model is already one of the most muscular cars in the world in its production version.

In Germany, they decided to take the term muscle car to a whole new level. This is Autoservice Kurtz, located a few tens of kilometers from Stuttgart, which services Dodge and RAM cars. For the Challenger, the Germans have prepared an absolutely insane Shirokai bodykit.

The distinguishing mark of this bodykit is the massive mudguards with visible bolt-on attachments that widen the Challenger by 25 centimeters. The adjacent side sill corresponds to the size of the fenders. The front splitter and diffuser from another German company, Prior Design, can also be considered considerable. The rear spoiler is a more discreet accessory compared to the others.

The standard paint was replaced by matte black Obsidian Black. To emphasize the brutality, the Shirokai Challenger gets all-new 21-inch ten-spoke wheels shod with Michelin tires. Autoservice Kurtz installed an air suspension in the modified Challenger so it doesn’t have to sit as low as in the photos.

Given the visible change, a powertrain modification would also be expected. Unfortunately, everything remained the same here. Under the hood, the Challenger SXT has a 3.6-liter Pentastar six-cylinder with an eight-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. This engine has an output of 227 kW (309 hp) in the Challenger.

The only changes are the addition of an aFe air filter and an alternative LPG Prins fuel system. The Challenger has a new pressure tank, gas valve, distribution pipe, pressure regulator or control unit for fuel selection with an indication of the amount of LPG. After all, if the tuned Challenger, then only on gas!

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