Not just the new Superb and Kodiaq. We know the schedule of news from Boleslav for the coming years

Photos of camouflaged prototypes of the next-generation Kodiaq are circulating on the Internet. However, it is not the only innovation that we will see from Škoda in the coming years.

Although the rejuvenated Škoda Kodiaq was presented in the spring of last year, inquisitive photographers have already managed to capture test prototypes of the completely new generation. Of course, it is still very early for details about the appearance and technology, because the camouflaged pieces are still hidden under the current bodywork. The Kodiaq will continue to be a related model to the new generation Tiguan, which should arrive a little earlier. It will probably indicate what news can be expected in the case of the SUV from Mladá Boleslav.

The Kodiaq will remain faithful to internal combustion engines, although we still have to wait some time for their specifications. The question remains whether a plug-in hybrid variant will also arrive. Some time ago, Škoda’s management let it be known that plug-in drive makes the most sense for the Octavia and Superb. However, in today’s automotive world, where things change without exaggeration from day to day, let’s wait for the official confirmation.

However, the new generation of Kodiaq, which we expect to arrive at the end of next year, is not the only upcoming news of the brand. Even before the seven-seater SUV, the rejuvenated duo Kamiq and Scala should be presented to the world, i.e. models sharing the same technical basis – the MQB A0 platform – as well as the same interior. A colleague and graphic artist Honza Lušovský decided to draw the likeness of both rejuvenated specimens for us some time ago. You can see the result in the attached photo gallery.

So that there are not enough premieres in 2023, Škoda is preparing the premiere of the new generation Superb before its end. Only a minimum of information is known about it, although test mules are already being driven on roads across Europe. Even here, however, the internal combustion engines will certainly remain, in addition to the option of a plug-in hybrid drive. If you are asking about the rejuvenated Octavia of the fourth generation, according to our information, it should see the light of day during 2024.

Starting with it, a whirlwind of electrical innovations is brewing. Another battery-powered SUV will arrive in two years, it should be a compact-sized car, similar in size to the Karoq. The name has not yet been revealed, but there is intense speculation about the name Elroq. However, we will have to wait some time for confirmation. By 2026, Škoda will present two more electric cars – a small urban crossover and, conversely, a large seven-seater SUV based on the Vision 7S concept.

Skoda news for 2023 and beyond

  • Facelift Scala and Kamiq (2023)
  • New generation Superb and Kodiaq (second half of 2023)
  • Facelift Octavia (2024)
  • New Electric Compact SUV (2024)
  • Small electric crossover and large electric SUV for seven (2025-2026)

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