Subaru introduced the new Crosstrek, it will replace the XV model

While the Detroit Auto Show is underway in America, Subaru decided to present its new model in its home country of Japan. The revealed novelty is a crossover called Crosstrek, which will replace the existing XV model in the brand’s offer. However, it is only a change of name, the concept is still the same car, which shares its basis with the new generation Subaru Impreza, which has so far been presented in the form of the sport-oriented WRX sedan and the Levorg station wagon (or WRX Wagon, depending on the market). What can we expect from the new Crosstrek?

The third generation of the model stuck to the SGP (Subaru Global Platform) platform of its predecessor, on which partial modifications were made in order to provide a more comfortable ride. Some solutions were adopted from the aforementioned WRX and Levorg models, so the Crosstrek now boasts a stiffer body and a lower level of vibration transmission to the interior. In terms of design, it is primarily an evolutionary change, so the model clearly follows the previous two generations.

Dimensionally, the Crosstrek is very similar to the existing XV model. The novelty measures 4,480 millimeters in length (+ 15 mm), 1,800 mm in width (unchanged) and 1,580 mm in height (- 35 mm). The wheelbase was extended by 5 millimeters to the resulting 2,670 mm. On the contrary, there was a reduction in the ground clearance, which is now 200 millimeters instead of the original 220 mm. The weight of the car should remain the same as before, i.e. around 1,600 kilograms. However, we are comparing the novelty in the Japanese specification and the XV in the Czech one, so it is possible that, for example, the value of the ground clearance or weight in the European specification will change.

The appearance of the interior is not a big surprise, as it is based on the several mentioned WRX and Levorg models. The biggest difference from the previous generation is the installation of a larger, 11.6-inch infotainment touchscreen, which is oriented vertically. With that, the supplemental display on top of the dashboard and the climate control panel disappeared. The Japanese versions of the Crosstrek siblings also use a digital instrument panel, which the crossover will probably have to do without.

Subaru has also modified the anchoring of the front seats, the rails of which are now attached directly to the bodywork, which is supposed to improve vibration damping, reduce unwanted seat movement and, as a result, bring greater sitting comfort. This should also be helped by redesigned seats, focusing on the correct position of the pelvis when sitting. In addition, the electric power steering has also been improved and the equipment includes a new version of EyeSight safety technology.

As we already mentioned, Subaru introduced the new Crosstrek on home soil and thus published the Japanese specifications of the car. So far, they are talking about a single engine, namely a hybrid, using an e-Boxer electric motor and a two-liter combustion engine with direct injection. The transmission used is a continuously variable CVT called Lineartronic. The drive system received unspecified modifications to reduce its noise and vibrations. Neither power nor torque is mentioned in the brand’s press release.

The new Subaru Crosstrek will enter the domestic Japanese market during 2023, with other markets to follow. The automaker has not yet specified when we can look forward to the novelty in Europe, nor what power units or equipment we can expect. So we will have to wait for more detailed specifications and prices.

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