Toyota is preparing a sharper GR Yaris, it should have 300 horsepower

The sporty yaris, which bears the GR logo and is admired around the world for its driving characteristics, is to receive a sharper version. The basis is to be a thirty horsepower more powerful engine, writes the British website Autocar with reference to Naozuki Sakamoto, chief engineer of the racing division of Toyota Gazoo Racing.

That engine is supposed to be a version of the 1.6l three-cylinder from the sharp GR Corolla Morizo, sold on the American market. It produces 300 horsepower and 400 Nm. Along with it, the car should also receive a six-speed transmission from the same Corolla, which has shorter gear ratios.

The Toyota GR Corolla comes with the most powerful three-cylinder engine


But it is not as simple as it might seem. For example, the Yaris is too small for the Corolla’s exhaust system, so there is no official confirmation that the sharper GR Yaris will actually hit the market yet. Sakamoto confirmed to the British “only” work on the development of the car.

The sharper GR Yaris is to retain the radio and air conditioning, but the rear seats will disappear as part of weight savings. It is also possible that it will be named Morizo. That’s the racing nickname of Aki Toyoda, CEO of the automaker.

Test Toyota GR Yaris: Fans of each other


Sakamoto also mentioned that a version of the GR Yaris with just two pedals – in other words, automatic gearshift – is in the works. However, the transmission will most likely not be a classic automatic with a hydrodynamic torque converter, but a dual-clutch transmission, possibly even an eight-speed one. However, we should not expect things like drifting mode or launch control.

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