Dacia Speeder: We have created the cheapest sports car on the market, even in a bare-bones version

Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz

Dacia Speeder is just a graphic concept of our in-house designer

We have chosen the popular Sandero as the initial inspiration base, therefore the car will offer exclusively front-wheel drive. The appearance of the bow naturally follows the design language of the brand, so here you will find the new logo and the main diode lamps with a typical light signature. Of course, there are also front fog lights and radar for emergency stop technology.

The side of the model does not boil with any wilderness, but a simple aerodynamic profile. The wheels are cast, the front and rear disc brakes, turn signals in the fender and handles elegantly embedded in the body. As for the chassis, the Sanderá chassis is used here, but lowered with modified shock absorbers.

Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz

The chassis is from Sander, but lowered and modified

The rear part is dominated by a discreet spoiler designed to channel the air, which also functions as downforce. That’s because you want to take a corner at high speed. The highest here after electronic limitation is 180 km/h, according to the manufacturer for safety reasons.

The tail lamps are again diodes, again inspired by Sander. On the trunk you will also find the brand logo and the Speeder inscription, while the rear bumper hosts the fog light and the reverse gear.

Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz

The exhaust is routed through the center, which looks good and saves production costs at the same time

The exhaust system of the sports model is routed through the middle, with a decorative tailpipe at the end. Also for that reason (and also because of the drive) you can’t buy a range reserve for the car, but only a tire repair kit.

Light, cheap, economical

Watch out, watch out, watch out! We haven’t forgotten about the very basic variant, thanks to which the manufacturer pushes the price down. The cheapest Speeder does not have painted bumpers, handles, or mirror covers. Cast wheels replaced cheaper steel discs, but brought out in a stylish design.

Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz

We also designed a basic version called the holobyt

We put both models side by side so that you can compare the base and the equipped variant of the Dacia Speeder.

The more astute among you will have noticed the tank cap on the right, the shark fin antenna, the third brake light located at the bottom of the window, the simple sports seats inside, the flat wipers and the LPG sticker on the rear window.

Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz

A sticker on the rear window reveals the LPG drive

Well, yes, the car is powered by engines that burn gasoline/liquefied petroleum gas. For Europe, a liter three-cylinder with indirect injection with a maximum output of 100 hp when running on gas is available. The torque reaches 170 Nm (LPG) and is transmitted exclusively to the front by a six-speed manual.

Due to the weight, the car has a reduced 35 liter petrol tank and 40 liter LPG tank, with a combined consumption of 6 liters of petrol or 7 liters of gas per hundred. This gives the vehicle a theoretical range of over 1,150 kilometers per refueling.

Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz

Speeder drives in normal mode for 7 liters of gas per hundred

Thanks to its design, the sporty Dacia reaches a curb weight of 1,020 kilograms in its very basic form, but without a driver. The more equipped version will easily swing up by 65 kg in terms of weight.

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The four-seater Dacia Speeder could be sold on the Czech market from 449,000 CZK with unpainted bumpers and poorer equipment, while the more equipped variant would cost 479,900 CZK without extra charges.

Photo: Rostislav Prokop for Garáž.cz

In our opinion, the basic price would be CZK 450,000 without the thousand

Due to the low weight, gas engine and coupe design with a trunk volume of 240 liters, it would not be a completely unusable car. On the contrary, many modders could choose it as a starting model for their projects, if we do not count ordinary drivers who desire a pleasant and affordable sports car.

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