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The peak of the 2023 tourist season has arrived in Prague

The recently ended summer season of 2023 was reflected in the capital. m. of Prague, guests from home and abroad, as well as the sweat of their foam factories, gave the first sweat. In the current quarter of 2023, a total of 2,145,069 guests stayed in Prague’s mass accommodation establishments, and they realized 5,018,405 rooms. The total measure of guest sweat rate reached 15.4%, the total guest sweat rate reached 17.2%.
The capital city has recently become strongly affected by the situation before the covid-19 pandemic.

Fixed a hole they represented a guest of 2.1 million a tourist from abroadwhich it drank 1,745,862 (81.4%), 399,207 (18.6%) domestic guests visited Prague. Meziron it was pibyla in collective accommodation facilities in the Czech metropolis 15.4% guest (286.1 thous.) They secured the absolute majority (97.9%) of the total non-residentstheir poet, compared to the comparable period of the previous year, wound up 19.1% (280.2 thousand). There were only a few residents (+1.5%).

Chart 1: Guest and foam factory in the capital Prague in the period Q3/2012-Q3/2023

All the observed months developed significantly, in each of them the increase in the guest’s total sweat reached double-digit values.

Among the foreign guests, the traditions dominated European (73.3%), 12.5% ​​were guests from Asia, according to tourists from North America it reached 9.4% and South American at 2.7%. The fertility grew in all the worlds. Hotels, boarding houses and other mass accommodation facilities were brought to Prague from individual countries most guest from Germany (17.1%), USA (8.2%), Poland (6.4%) and Slovakia (6%). The absolute number of tourists between years was the highest from Germany (+40.1 thousand people), Jin Korea (+31.9 thousand), the United Kingdom and the USA (both +20.9 thousand), Italy (20.2 thousand) , Taiwan (+17.8 thousand) and the Netherlands (+17.4 thousand). Compared to the comparable period in 2022, the statistics for Israelis (-6.1 thousand), Finns (-3.8 thousand) and Russians (-3 thousand) show an increase in apartments.

Graph 2: By resident and non-resident on the total number of guests in the capital. Prague in the period Q3/2012-Q3/2023

The number of guests in this quarter of the summer was the same as their number in the same quarter of 2016. After the record number of guests from the Arvenec period in 2019, Prague had only 6.6% more guests in the comparable period of the summer year (approx. 152.1 thousand. persons). While residents drank an eighth (98 thousand) more compared to the same quarter of 2019, non-residents drank a quarter of a million (12.5%) more.

In comparison with other regions, Prague led the tradition in the number of foreign guests. Out of the total number of non-residentswho were registered in mass accommodation facilities of the Czech Republic, with them 57.4% accommodated in Prague, followed by the Jihomoravsk (8.4%) and Karlovarsk (6.5%) regions. Non-residents accounted for 81.4% of the total number of guests in Prague mass accommodation facilities. Prague was the only region where foreign guests sang. According to non-residents, the regions of Karlovarsk (46.7%), Steck (31.6%), Jihomoravsk (29.5%) and Pilsen (27%) should go.

Graph 3: By region on the total flow of guest-non-residents in the Czech Republic in the 3rd quarter of 2023


Graph 4: Foreign visitors in collective accommodation facilities in Prague by country in the 3rd quarter of 2023

et and moravt guest were highlighted by the regions of Jihoesk (13.1% of the total number of residents accommodated in HUZ of the Czech Republic) and Jihomoravsk (12.7%). Prague won the first place in the region according to the number of residents with 8.3% of the city.

Total poet penocovn In the current quarter of 2023, the number of mass accommodation facilities in Prague reached 5,018,405from his tentacle 85.1% (4.3 million) to guests from abroad and only 14.9% (746.9 thousand) to residents. The total number of pensioners increased by 17.2%, for non-residents by 19.9% ​​and for domestic guests by 3.7%. The absolute largest increase was made by German immigrants (+120.9 thousand). Out of the total number of foreign guests, a share of the total number of Nmc is 17.1%. In the five countries of the USA, Italy, the United Kingdom, Jin Korea and England, the figure ranged between 53 and 60 thousand foam factories, in Taiwan it reached 40 thousand. flats were affected mainly by Israelis (-18.4 thousand), Finns (-13.5 thousand) and Ukrainians (-8.3 thousand).

Chart 5: Number of overnight stays and average number of overnight stays per guest in Prague in the 3rd quarter of 2023


Average poet penocovny reached a total of 2.3 nightsfor a non-resident for 2.4 nights and for a resident for 1.9 nights.

Since the beginning of the year was held in collective accommodation in Prague registered 5,446,130 guest, of which 4,270,100 (78.4%) from abroad and 1,176,030 (21.6%) from other parts of the Czech Republic. Compared to January-2022, the number of guests increased by 28.1%, for residents by 9.2%, and for non-residents by even 34.6%.

The number of pensioners in the first nine months of this year reached 12,398,050, of which 83.4% were foreign guests. Meziron’s finger of sweat penocovny in total 30%, for foreign clients 35.6% and for residents 8%.

S monitors data on the sweat of guests and boarding houses in mass accommodation facilities.

Mass accommodation facility (HUZ) are equipped with a minimum of five separate accommodation units (rooms and suites) and exactly ten units for the purposes of the tourism industry.
The total results of the unemployment are included in the amount of Ukrainian state pensioners, who paid for their own accommodation. Due to the general conflict in Ukraine, however, in all cases, the operator of the accommodation facility could not distinguish between a tourist and a refugee. Thus, even persons who cannot objectively be regarded as part of the tourism industry according to international recommendations could have been involved in the sweat of the interior.

data on tourism can be found in the VDB: VDB Statistics (

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