The flu epidemic is here. Anyone who doesn’t wear a mask is a sheep

The flu epidemic is here. Anyone who doesn’t wear a mask is a sheep
The flu epidemic is here. Anyone who doesn’t wear a mask is a sheep

If any protective medical device was completely discredited in the past, it was certainly the mask. In the years when Covid-19 was raging here, the mask became a kind of symbol. Instead of a medical aid, it became more of a symbol of resistance or consent. And the various measures that discredited her entire ability and ability to protect didn’t help much either. Just remember. Fabric masks, surgical, nano masks, respirators. One time this was allowed, another time that. And in the end, everything turned out in such a way that, as we had to put on the masks and respirators, we took them off.

You can do it yourself

During the period when we were fighting the Covid-19 disease, we unfortunately got used to the fact that someone had to dictate to us what we have and what we don’t have, based on government measures. We projected it into our lives very quickly. And now, when the flu epidemic is starting to rage, few people think of wearing the mask. Only someone will really do it, just by themselves. Remember, you can take it yourself. You don’t have to wait for a referral or even an order.

My veil protects you, your veil protects me

Do you remember this sentence? If we take nothing else away from the rampage of the Covid-19 disease, even this one single sentence is enough. Even a small child understandably knows that no face mask is perfect. But it will help. If we can pretty easily lower the stat, why not do it? Why not at least give it a try?

When to wear a mask?

It is easy. If you are responsible and have some cold symptoms that you don’t want to spread, take it. You may not protect your surroundings 100%, but you will do your best to prevent infectious droplets from getting on the other person’s mucous membranes with every exhale, cough or sneeze.

But you can wear a mask even when you feel threatened. When you don’t want strangers’ droplets to get on your mucous membranes. Even a piece of fabric on your face is still better than nothing on it.

Let’s go pee

Yes exactly. There is no better example than two people standing and urinating against each other. Having both pants down, the other one gets a full dose. However, with pants on, most of the excrement will remain on the fabric of the person urinating, and what gets out will mostly end up on the pants of the person who is wet.

And it’s no different with a mask. When I sneeze, the first droplets stop in my mask and the ones that get out partially stop on the other person’s mask. It will never be 100% protection, but even a less thoughtful individual will realize that it is better than sneezing into someone’s exposed face.

Who is the sheep?

Do you know that the mask is not 100%, but logically it will bring some protection? And that it will help protect your surroundings from you, and you from your surroundings? Congratulations, you think, you choose to wear it according to yourself and your discretion. This means only one thing – you are not sheep.

A sheep, on the other hand, is the one who thinks that he will suffocate in a mask, that the mask will harm his health more, that it is completely useless. Dear friends, try asking the doctors in the operating theaters if the clock is suffocating in it. Ask oncology patients what they have to wear, is it harmful to their weakened immunity? Or just sneeze with or without a mask against the mirror. Until you do these three things, it is you who is the sheep that goes with its flock, repeating the same things over and over again, without an iota of doubt.


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