Second-hand planes are on the rise. Boeing’s troubles also contributed to this

Second-hand planes are on the rise. Boeing’s troubles also contributed to this
Second-hand planes are on the rise. Boeing’s troubles also contributed to this

Leasing company Avolon stated that there are currently about 3 thousand aircraft on the market. that’s why many airlines use machines according to, not originally filled. Due to repeated safety issues, capacity availability is also complicated by limited production at Boeing. This was reported by the Reuters agency.

Manufacturing companies repeatedly feel that the supply chain has not been completely restored after the recent coronavirus pandemic. Limited production at Boeing, but the market situation is improving.

Complications on the supply side are getting worse. The return to a balanced market is being postponed again, analyst George Dimitroff from the analyst company Cirium told Reuters, adding that the tension on the market could last at least until 2027.

The demand for travel is increasing, the planes are missing

The lack of planes does not correspond to the growing demand for travel. Anti-coronavirus measures are limited all over the world, and high inflation is slowly fading away. The consumer gradually increases the cost of travel. The airline group IATA oekv, and in 2024, a total of 4.7 billion passengers will be transported by air.

But the lack of aircraft on the market is a big problem for companies. You have to pay the prices for the lost leases. That is why the company is gradually developing its strategy. Instead of negotiating an extension of the lease, I prefer to buy airplanes. In addition to the fact that airlines are flying, analysts say that the trend could turn for the better in the near future.

Available statistics show that about half of the world’s fleet of passenger aircraft is lessor-owned. The current complications on the offer of the parties, so try to play in their favor. Due to the high demand from companies, the prices can be much higher. Leasing prices were also rising before the recent problems with the Boeing 737 MAX. But this event supported the growth of jet prices.

The price for the product has jumped

The monthly price for renting a ten-year-old Boeing 737-800 in January of this year was around 220,000 dollars per month (about 5 million crowns). But in two years it was only 183 thousand dollars (about 4.2 million crowns), in 2022 even only 156 thousand USD (roughly 3.6 million crowns). Although the current prices are still about 5 percent lower than in January 2020, analysts estimate that this will soon change.

After the plane crashes in 2018 and 2019, the management of the Boeing company hoped that this year the production of MAX planes would show a noticeable increase. However, the door panel of an Alaska Airlines flight changed the situation not long ago. Boeing will most likely be faced with a whole new wave of regulatory oversight, which will affect the overall production in particular.

The average number of transport aircraft owned by airlines is currently 16 years. Going in 2019, however, was two years away. the average lifespan of an airplane is around 25 years. If their bag is properly and regularly cleaned, their lifespan should also be significantly extended.

The airlines and the lessor are currently debating whether to invest in scrapping the old aircraft. Thanks to this, the aircraft could last four or five years longer than the current trends, according to the general editor of Avolon Andy Cronin.

It is noteworthy that, due to the current situation, these repair companies may become extinct. But you are still a problem in the form of a lack of manpower. The time required for the necessary gossip is therefore very long in many cases.

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