Summer with covid: Kamila brought him from Egypt, David’s illness threatened his wedding

The virus situation in the Ústí Region is currently the worst in Teplice, on the contrary, the least sick are in Mosteck. According to hygienists, it will be worse in autumn.

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Although, according to hygienists, the summer wave of covid in the Ústí Region is slowly going away, cases are appearing in the population that cause problems. For example, for Kamila Zatloukalová from Teplice, the disease spoiled her vacation experiences when she contracted the disease in a hotel resort in Egypt. After returning home, she immediately started a week’s sick leave. “When we got home, I had a headache and was generally not feeling well,” she says. “Doctors have confirmed I have covid. And that’s the third time, even though I’ve been vaccinated twice and I’m due for a third booster dose,” she pointed out.

Her case was not unique during the holidays. Even for David Růžička from Střelná na Teplicka, finding out that he had covid was not pleasant. He was getting married in a few days. With a cold and temperature, he had to go into isolation, which turned out to be a reasonable solution. The disease did not spread in the family, so the wedding ceremony could take place without problems and according to plan after a week.

Kamila had a viral illness repeatedly, even though she gets regular vaccinations. According to the director of the Regional Hygiene Station of the Ústí Region, Lenka Šimůnková, this is nothing unusual. “It is no exception. Covid has a number of mutations. People have it repeatedly, even if they are vaccinated or have experienced it in various forms in the past. In any case, vaccination helps to make the course easier,” she stated.

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According to her, the summer wave of diseases is gradually fading in the region. Currently, the situation is the worst in Teplice, on the contrary, the least sick are in Mosteck. “We have to prepare for autumn. There will definitely be an increase in numbers. Children are returning to school groups, various groups will start, people will visit and meet more after the holidays,” mentioned Šimůnková.

At the same time, however, he does not expect that the morbidity would be on such a large scale as, for example, in the spring or in previous years. He recommends continuing vaccinations and supplementing them according to the schedule. “The new variants do not have such a severe course of disease in humans. But it is necessary to realize that even the original sources have not completely disappeared in our country,” she added.

On Monday, August 29, 207 people with covid were added to the number of sick people in the region, on Tuesday, hygiene stations and laboratories registered 164 people in the daily additions of persons with newly diagnosed diseases. But people are also continuously recovering. By the end of the holidays, hygiene stations in the Ústí Region register approximately 1,300 patients. In hospitals, there are sufficient free capacities on covid beds. For example, in Ústí nad Labem, according to Šimůnková, the situation is managed to cover capacity within the infectious disease department without reinforcement departments.

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