How covid ruined the Vuelta. Stop testing us, urged some riders

How covid ruined the Vuelta. Stop testing us, urged some riders
How covid ruined the Vuelta. Stop testing us, urged some riders

Before the start of the quarter of the twelfth stage, Bahrain Victorious announced that its top had also tested positive Santiago Buitrago, only previously showed slight signs of illness. The number of dark riders was thus reduced to six.

Shortly afterwards, the Intermarch formation informed that it was resigning due to covid Boy van Poppel, ten in a city sprint. Because it is a kind of covid der pot, which died before the 6th stage Jan Hirt.

On the fifth day of the Vuelta, he withdrew at least once a day, his pin was covid.

seduction editor Javier Guillen I’m still trying to calm the flood of emotions: I’m clinging to flattering criteria. I don’t know what will follow in five days. But I know that for now there is no reason for the general state of concern. There are many asymptomatic cases, or patients with minor symptoms. Dark bags test the riders a lot, much more than what the UCI protocol tells them to do. That’s why we have so many positives.

The protocol of the International Cycling Union UCI dictates that riders undergo a mandatory covid test before the start of the Grand Tour and then on every day off. Only teams train their riders on their own and after individual stages to prevent the massive spread of covid in groups.

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The management of the Vuelta has now announced that, due to stricter hygiene measures, the press will not be allowed to enter the team’s paddocks before and after the stages.

These are nuances that will not stop the current wave of covid in the peloton.

They had to withdraw due to covid

Dan Hoole (Trek)
Jan Hirt (Intermarch)
Jaakko Hnninen (AG2R)
Andrea Vendrame (AG2R)
Mark Donovan (DSM)
Victor Langellotti (Burgos)
Anthony Delaplace (Ark)
Pieter Serry (Quick-Step)
Wout Poels (Bahrain)
Ethan Hayter (Ineos)
Edoardo Affini (Jumbo)
Jos Herrada (Cofidis)
Harry Sweeney (Lotto)
Jarrid Drizners (Lotto)
Math. Norsgaard (Movistar)
Sam Bennett (Bora)
S. Yates (BikeExchange)
Pavel Sivakov (Ineos)
Pau Miquel (Kern Pharma)
Roger Adria (Kern Pharma)
Hector Carretero (Kern Ph.)
Santiago Buitrago (Bahrain)
B. van Poppel (Intermarch)

Last month they were allowed to continue in the Tour with positive tests Bob Jungels (AG2R) a Rafal Majka (UAE Emirates), because their analysis test revealed only a low viral load. Although this is also revealed at the Vuelt, Guilln indicated that some cyclists will not have time to complete such an analysis with the PCR test.

When you have a positive antigen test, we will then perform a PCR test. And if it turns out that the viral yield from PCR is low, you can continue to lead, stated the editor of the lead. The problem lies in the fact that if you have a positive test and the morning before the stage, don’t take enough time to evaluate the PCR test before the start. Such riders would have to be provisionally allowed to start, until their virus has been diagnosed. But the UCI is still not ready to allow this.

Ctte big kivda

Juanjo Orozthe sports editor of the second division of the Kern Pharma company, was worried that even if his eight riders had tested positive yesterday, they would not have shown any signs of the disease before.

To shut your mind is a big mistake, he declared. The hunter wants to bang his fist on the table and say: What can it be? The world at the furnace normalized covid. Cycling has to make you like that.

the 2018 Vuelta champion Simon Yates made his way into the top five of the overall standings after the third season, and his team Bike Exchange expected his team to gain enough points at the end of the Vuelta to remain among the eight World Tour teams for the fifth season.

The next day he tested positive for covid. What it meant: the end of seduction, the end of points.

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For that reason, he also had to pack the pedloskho Gira. Of the last five, he started and finished only one Grand Tour event.

His British compatriot Tao Geoghegan Hart that even because of Yates’ latest case of covid, Ineos started criticizing the point system on social media, only deciding on worldtour licenses. It is not fair that the future of riders and teams should be subject to such highly variable external forces as covid, he wrote.

Later pspvek deleted. According to his own account, he came out because of the waves of urek that arrived at his address.

What about covid? Is this a joke?

Mike Teunissen, Primoe Roglia’s assistant at the Jumbo Visma station, talked about the covid issue: While we are doing absolutely everything we can to avoid covid, we eliminate things that we have no control over, such as large crowds of people on airplanes during long transfers. The situation is to go uphill, not on the Tour. Hopefully we will arrive in Madrid in at least a decent amount of rider sweat.

He also wanted to get there Sam Bennett from Bora, to the water of the Vuelta in two mass spurts. When the team told him on Tuesday that he was positive, he thought it was a joke.

Then they showed it to me. Dv erven ry. I couldn’t believe it and forced them to give me a test right away. The result was the same. I had covid. I was still hoping that the next PCR test would be negative, or that they would find the virus in my body, he wrote in his column for the Irish Independent newspaper.

He hoped in vain. The results were clear. I only watched the show from my hotel room.

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Bennett admitted that he had developed symptoms of the disease twice during his pregnancy, but he should have tested negative both times.

Before those days, I had a sore throat after the stages we used to ride as children. I felt quite tired after it, but like most cyclists, I channeled similar feelings into a lot of temptations. And because in the long run of the Vuelta my legs were sticking together again, I didn’t worry about it.

It’s just beating where it went. There are many variants. He pointed, for example, to a 900-kilometer flight from north to south of Poland with 300 people crammed into two planes.

I could have caught covid there. Or when I was huddled in a tent after a mountain finish with 80 other riders, none of whom had hands. So in the hotels there were cleaners without hands, who pooped and sputtered. In the steps, the fans stood so close that you could hear their breath as they cheered us on. It could be all of these pins, or one of them. It is futile to try to find someone, but it is very disappointing that I have to go home.

And even those who are not sick travel with covid

Along with the number of covid cases, there are also riders who criticize the current anti-covid rules of the UCI.

Thomas De Gendt z Lotto spoke out against the separation of positive riders from the lead and against the current forms of testing. If it goes on like this for a long time, I’ll only make it with a hundred guys. It should be true that if you are not sick, you can stay in seduction. For five years, I would pray that we would not be tested, unless we are really sick.

He spoke in the same vein Dries Devenyns from Quick-Step: It is for us to get covid under control. Maybe we should focus on him. Let’s send home those who are really sick.

Just as in many countries covid has divided society, now divide the eyes of the professional peloton.

Another group of riders, sports editors and team doctors points out, on the contrary, that covid and post-covid are hard to underestimate, because some elite cyclists struggle with the consequences of the disease even in the middle of the season, and you level them up again and again with the intensity of the thorns.

Zdenk Tybar could start He recently talked about post-covid problems like this Adam Yates from Ineos.

Hands on the meat table

Lead wire Remco Evenepoel called for the organizers to limit at least the number of spectators in the cli for the protection of the riders. Four quarters of the stage, he explained how in Quick-Step they always pay attention to the anti-covid rules.

We wear our hands even on the bus or at the meat table. We wash our hands constantly, we pop the dark bubble every day, lil. We don’t only have our hands on the stages, on the road and in the room.

Quick-Step ordered single rooms for all the riders and assigned a specific employee from the implementation team to each of them in order to minimize their movement.

Under other circumstances, we could have our family at the Grand Tour on a day off, but that’s the way it is, informed Evenepoel.

Pesto realizes that with the spread of covid in the peloton, his red jersey can now be a threat not the attacks of the most powerful teams.

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On Thursday, he also had to leave as a result of a nasty fall in the downhill. Similar to how he sent his dark colleague and master of the world out of the trap a day or two later Julian Alaphilipp.

It was an extremely slippery stopper, Evenepoel described the collision. Even the accompanying motorbikes slipped and slowed down. I wanted to strangle her, but I rushed it a bit. My leg took off a little bit, but the bike landed much harder. I know I’ll be in a shoe. During the sprint stage I will hopefully get some space to recover.

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