Bats are not to blame for covid, claims Israel. They want to use flying mammals to fight cancer

Bats have a bad reputation and are referred to as “bloody Draculas” or spreaders of various viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the Israeli server wrote. However, according to a new study by scientists from Tel Aviv, these claims are wrong, bats on the contrary have a positive effect, for example in killing insects or pollinating crops.

“Bats have a highly efficient immune system that allows them to fight off viruses with relative ease, including those thought to be deadly,” say scientists from the team whose study was published in the prestigious iScience Journal. Tel Aviv University researchers reviewed dozens of articles and studies on the topic and concluded that linking bats to the onset of the covid-19 pandemic in late 2019 “is not supported by sufficient scientific evidence”. Even almost three years after the start of this pandemic, scientists still do not know its primary cause.

Maya Weinberg, who participated in this study, explained how the bats’ immune system works. “In general, bats are mistakenly considered to be the reservoir of many infectious diseases, just because they were found to be serologically positive, that is, they had antibodies,” Weinberg was quoted by The Jerusalem Post. “But this means that they survived the disease and developed antibodies, so they no longer carry the virus,” she added.

In recent years, according to an Israeli daily, a number of scientists have come to the conclusion that bats are able to fight various viruses, including deadly ones, better than humans and most other mammals. Therefore, scientists should study their immune system more deeply, which could help shed more light on the fight against infectious diseases, aging and cancer. said researchers from Tel Aviv University.

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