Russia does not have time to replenish the stocks of destroyed drones

Russia does not have time to replenish the stocks of destroyed drones
Russia does not have time to replenish the stocks of destroyed drones

Both sides carried out dozens of air and artillery attacks overnight. The Ukrainian General Staff reported today that Russian losses in Ukraine exceeded 50,000 soldiers.

In recent years, Russian military doctrine has placed great emphasis on the use of unmanned aircraft, primarily as reconnaissance tools in cooperation with artillery. However, Russia is now unable to produce enough of them due to Western sanctions limiting the import of some components, which worsens the strategic awareness that Russian commanders have of the situation on the battlefield, according to British intelligence.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, Russia has already lost 50,000 soldiers in Ukraine, as well as over 2,000 tanks, 443 aircraft and helicopters, 3,305 infantry vehicles and 15 ships. Figures published by both sides of the conflict vary widely and the information cannot be independently verified.

Ukraine’s air force has carried out 18 strikes on Russian positions in the last day and destroyed a Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter, according to Kyiv. Rocket and artillery units carried out 370 attacks and, according to the Odessa Journal server, the Ukrainians “systematically and effectively” use fire to control crossings over the Dnieper River. The Ukrainian command said the defenders also destroyed several ammunition depots in the Kherson region.

In response to the Ukrainian offensive in the south of the country, Russia is moving equipment from behind, for example from Crimea, and is also trying to control Donbas, where, according to the Ukrainska pravda server, it has carried out air and missile attacks on Ukrainian positions in dozens of villages and towns. However, according to the British Ministry of Defence, it is unlikely that the Russians will succeed in capturing the rest of the Donetsk region by the middle of this month, as ordered by the Kremlin.

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