In her first speech, Truss promised tax cuts and measures against rising energy prices

In an appearance on Tuesday outside Downing Street, the traditional London seat of British prime ministers, she also pledged to tackle the crisis of the overburdened public health service.

Truss said she would focus on tackling the issues that are “holding back” Britain. According to her, the country faces serious global obstacles due to the covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

“I am convinced that together we can weather the storm. We can rebuild our economy and become the modern great Britain that I know we can be,” Truss said.

Truss’s thorny journey: from mockery to peak


The prime minister thanked her predecessor Boris Johnson, whom she replaced as prime minister today, for completing Brexit, helping to introduce vaccines against covid-19 in Britain and standing up to Russia, which attacked neighboring Ukraine.

Truss’s first official speech as Prime Minister was marked by torrential rain, and for a while it was unclear whether the speech would take place outside 10 Downing Street or would have to be moved inside.

Due to traffic delays and showers, Truss ended up performing later, but she spoke in the open as planned because the rain had stopped.

Before her arrival in Downing Street, crowds of journalists, representatives of the governing Conservative Party and government office workers hid under umbrellas.

I’m like a launch vehicle. Johnson made his last appearance in Downing Street


Staff at the Prime Minister’s Office took turns bringing out and hiding the lectern, but eventually returned it to number ten and dried the microphones just before the Prime Minister’s arrival.

After the speech, Truss briefly posed for photographers with her husband Hugh O’Leary before entering the Prime Minister’s Office. Now she is waiting for the formation of the government and the official appointment of new cabinet members.

As Prime Minister, Truss emerged from an internal vote of the Conservatives, who preferred her to lead the Conservative Party over ex-finance minister Rishi Sunak.

After Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May, Elizabeth Truss is the third female head of the British government and the 15th Prime Minister during the reign of Elizabeth II.

Photo: Pool, Reuters

Liz Truss with Queen Elizabeth II.

Johnson leaving feels like a space rocket

Johnson announced his resignation from the post of Prime Minister in July after numerous political scandals resulted in a crisis of confidence of the British public in his person. But he himself evaluates his work positively.

He declared that as “a space launch vehicle that has done its job, it will now gently fall back into the atmosphere and fall into a remote region in the Pacific”.

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