I recommend the fourth type of shutters by – Virologist Pavel Plevka

I recommend the fourth type of shutters by – Virologist Pavel Plevka
I recommend the fourth type of shutters by – Virologist Pavel Plevka

Among the experts, there is also a consensus that a quarter is safe and helpful in building resistance against the coronavirus. I would recommend it mostly to people over fifty years of age, but generally for everyone, confirms virologist Pavel Plevka from the CEITEC scientific center.

Vaccination is generally available in the following places: at general practitioners, in hospitals and at special facilities. You can find all the vaccination sites on the special website of the Ministry of Health. The only condition for people to have the vaccine applied is that more than one month has passed since receiving the first booster dose.

For the shutters, use a vacation one, which does not completely protect against the latest subvariants BA.4 and BA.5. You sing in the world. That’s why it pays to use the vacation membership for the omikron variants, especially for the BA.5 variant. According to the publications of Roman Chlbek, the co-ordinator of fittings in the Czech Republic, they will be available within a few weeks, explains Plevka. Special flights from the company Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech were initially approved by the European Medicines Agency, but the European Commission and the subsequent distribution of the vaccine to the countries of Poland will only be finalized.

The new flagellum works on the principle of mRNA vaccin. You simply let the human body produce a foreign protein, a kind of coronavirus antigen. The immune system detects this protein and creates an innate defense against it. The suitability of the new vaccines will be specific to the dominant micron variant, which is known from the original virus. The protection provided by new types of vaccines against micron variants will therefore be yours, Plevka explains.

The number of new covid infections is expected to rise sharply in the coming weeks. But I am an optimist with regard to the anti-coronavirus measures, which I hope will not kill you, or only a little. percent of the population in case of coronavirus infection. I hope that the majority of people will come for the strengthening drug, added virologist Plevka. Against the disease, 6,900,000 people, which corresponds to about 65 percent of the population, have so far been completely immune to the disease. For this marriage, they drank about three million ech, according to data from the Ministry of Health, only 174,000 people received a fourth.

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