“It belongs on the twine, beat it out!” he threatened to terrorize the parliament. He will be punished

“It belongs on the twine, beat it out!” he threatened to terrorize the parliament. He will be punished
“It belongs on the twine, beat it out!” he threatened to terrorize the parliament. He will be punished

Former SPD candidate Tomia Okamura and later Free Bloc admitted to inciting violence against MPs and senators in the video. He will receive a suspended sentence and a fine for this. The man was investigated by the National Central Office against Organized Crime. In the past, he was also tried for the murder of his uncle, but the court acquitted him.

On February 6 this year, bricklayer Zdeněk Strapina put on the uniform of communist Czechoslovakia, turned on the camera and started broadcasting for more than an hour on the social network Facebook. He sharply criticized the pandemic law approved at the time, which gave the government the authority to suppress the spread of the epidemic, including the covid-19 disease, without a state of emergency.

“The pandemic law gives the corona fascists the right to do whatever they want with us. Murdering a tyrant is not murder, but justice. The government wipes its ass with us. Why? Because they can, because the nation does nothing,” Strapina shouted in the video. “Zm*di belongs on the twine, nowhere else. I’m calling the Czechoslovak nation on Thursday, throw it out, beat it out.”

At the end of August, the National Center against Organized Crime announced without details that it had closed its investigation into a man who threatened parliament with violence. She suggested impeaching him. The person concerned then entered into a plea agreement with the public prosecutor, which will enter into force after approval by the court. According to the findings of Aktuálně.cz, it is precisely Strapina.

A fine and a long term

“The proceedings against the accused ZS are being conducted by the Regional Court in Brno, branch in Zlín,” Klára Belkovová, spokeswoman for the Brno Regional Court, confirmed to Aktuálně.cz. The negotiations will take place in less than two weeks, Judge Iveta Šperlichová will approve Strapina’s agreement with the prosecutor from the High Prosecutor’s Office in Olomouc.

The spokeswoman of the court confirmed the information of Aktuálně.cz that, according to the agreement, Strapin will receive a two-year suspended sentence with a four-year probationary period and a fine of 30,000 crowns. The basic premise of such an agreement is that the defendant confessed to the crime. The confession is a major mitigating circumstance that spared Strapina the threat of a higher sentence.

“The criminal prosecution was conducted in connection with the publication of videos on social networks, in which, according to our conclusions, a person was supposed to incite the commission of a terrorist crime in the form of calls for violent actions directed against members of both chambers of the Parliament of the Czech Republic,” said NCOZ spokesman Jaroslav Ibehej. In the worst case, Strapin could face up to 15 years in prison.

“I’m not just going to sit on the internet”

However, even the agreement with the public prosecutor did not force Strapina to behave with restraint in public. Just three days after its closure, he spoke at the “Meeting of patriots” in Chocerady in the Benešovsk region. The event was broadcast by Raptor TV, whose founder, Žarko Jovanovič, is an associate of the Russian army television Zvezda and the main propaganda program of the Russian state television Rossiya.

“The rights of each of us to express ourselves freely are being trampled here. I like this country. I was born here and I will fight for this country the way I fought on the Internet and otherwise. Not that I will just sit on the Internet,” he declared to those present Strapin and railed, among other things, against sending aid to the Russian-occupied Ukraine.

His performance was preceded by a song called “Nevinnej” by the extremist band Ortel. Strapina went on to talk about the fact that the Czechia “was stolen from the people, they stole our children from us. They brainwashed us in the schools.” He also talked about a vague conspiracy to deprive Bohemia of its property. The chairman of the neo-Nazi DSSS, Tomáš Vandas, took over the microphone after him.

Acquitted of murder

Strapina has already come into conflict with the criminal law in the past. Ten years ago, public prosecutor Roman Kafka accused him of murdering his uncle in Hradčice in the Uherskohradišť region, whom he was supposed to have killed by hitting him on the head with a brick. The prosecution’s main evidence was the scent marks on the brick, and just before her death, the victim’s gestures pointed to Strapina.

Zdeněk Strapina ran in the 2020 regional elections for Tomio Okamura’s SPD. | Photo: Aktuálně.cz

“The suspicion is based, in addition to the testimony of the victim himself, on the finding of scent traces of the same person, that is, the same accused, at the scene of the crime on the brick that was used for the attack, as well as on the victim’s empty wallet,” prosecutor Kafka justified the indictment.

However, the court panel headed by Radomír Koudela acquitted Strapa of the charges. He did not consider the evidence presented to be so strong that he could be identified as the perpetrator beyond all doubt. The defendant pleaded not guilty. The survivors of his uncle, on the other hand, were convinced that it was he who hit the brick.

“We’re gonna kick the shit out of them”

In February of this year, a day before Strapina, pro-Russian disinformation Tomáš Čermák broadcasted a hateful video on his Facebook profile. He also spoke aggressively against the pandemic law. Čermák called for the direct liquidation of MPs and senators, saying that demonstrations are no longer enough.

“We need to take it the hard way. We need to take them by the handle. We’re going to get rid of those rascals once and for all. We need an independent army of us people and we’re going to kick the shit out of them. We need to beat the crap out of those cattle, but brutally,” he shouted into the camera. He himself said that Zdenda would help him organize the fights. He meant Strapina.

Čermák was also accused by the National Central Office against Organized Crime of a terrorist attack, or rather of inciting it. Prosecutor Martin Bílý from the High Prosecutor’s Office in Prague informed in this context that the central office proposed to file an indictment at the end of August. If the office of chief prosecutor Lenka Bradáčová actually moves the case to court, Čermák faces up to 15 years in prison.

Čermák has been in custody since August 5 due to another case. The police accused him and his companion Patrik Tušl of defaming the nation, race, ethnic group and inciting hatred. Before the upcoming demonstration of Ukrainians in Prague’s Wenceslas Square against Russian aggression, they called on their Facebook supporters to use violence against them. The court sent them both to custody due to the fear of continuing criminal activity.

VIDEO: Zdeněk Strapina and Tomáš Čermák called on the Czechs to use violence on social networks

Zdeněk Strapina and Tomáš Čermák called Czechs on social networks to use violence | Video: Zdeněk Strapina/Tomáš Cermák

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