Kim Basinger after plastic surgery to look like her

Kim Basinger after plastic surgery to look like her
Kim Basinger after plastic surgery to look like her

She used to fall between sex symbols and real Hollywood stars. Her virginity was taken as a saint and the actor did not get any younger. The cult of billionaires and celebrities in Hollywood is also my fault.

When she was photographed a few days ago going to a strip bar where the wedding of her pregnant daughter, who she has with her ex-husband Alec Baldwin, was taking place, it was impossible not to notice that she was plastered. I have a perfectly smooth calf, complete in the small bones. Even in comparison with photos from the recent past, when she had some procedures, you can see that she has not finished rejuvenating.

In the past, it was speculated that plastic surgery and facelifts and botox were behind the outwardly young appearance of the actress. The actress never confirmed it, she suddenly fainted after turning fifty.

Basinger, who worked as a model in the US, never felt she was unbearably irresistible. If I’m sexy, I have to pretend, the actress said a few years ago for the American magazine Vanity Fair. I have never been able to be the right woman for a man who loves a certain distinctive femininity. I emphasize piracy. I’m sorry, but I’m not actually an English person.

Basinger was catapulted to the top echelons of the film world by the character of the indomitable Elizabeth in the scandalous erotic film 9 and 1/2 Weeks from 1986. The actress has approximately 100 films of the highest quality and has won an Oscar. She won a Prestin award in 1998 for her performance in the supporting role of the exclusive prostitute Lynn Bracken in the retro LA police film Secret Song.

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