Adam Pavlovin: I did not fight against homophobes

Adam Pavlovin: I did not fight against homophobes
Adam Pavlovin: I did not fight against homophobes

What do you use in ppad image?
I always try to bet on a silhouette in which I respect myself that day. I also have a sack of potatoes, but when he wears it on the runway or on the red carpet, people hate him. Today we have things from the Slovak designer Pavel Dendis.

Do you ever have to scrimp on sunglasses and a kilt in civilian clothes?
Sometimes yes. I think that in Slovakia, especially in shopping centers. There, when you stop one hunter, suddenly there is a bunch. But urit mm rd your space, peace. So sometimes I wear those glasses to feel isolated.

What’s on your playlist right now?
Everything mon. Various remixes or Josef Salvat, Troye Sivan, Damiano from Maneskin played for me there. Who’s going to go there for me? I would be here until morning.

What does it take to have a balanced personal life and be satisfied?
It’s definitely family and the closest circle of people who hold you down, they’re always there for you, they won’t say no, they’ll take you for granted. I have a feeling that the last few days I want to remember life in London, when I really enjoyed the little things. It is not for nothing that the road is cl. So I’m trying to take that route again.

Do you ever have to fight homophobes?
In the past urit yes. But I have the feeling that people don’t always realize my orientation. So in this mm a huge privilege and I didn’t always have to fight with homophobes. I’m sure there’s a cyberman who leads them, but I don’t feel like I’m here. As long as it’s not a person I respect, or who I know has something to really tell me or help me, then it won’t affect me in any way.

Have you considered using your appearance, for example, in modeling?
I was modeling when I was sixteen, seventeen, eighteen years old. I have the feeling that at first it wasn’t easy for me, I didn’t book the best jobs. They were always such little ones. Then I found out that I have big bangs, since then I cover it with curly bangs. (smh) I understand that when I do modeling work, I am not booked as a model, but as an artist, except. That way I can look whatever I want, because don’t expect it to have exact parameters like a model. You are there as an artist, but I have curls, straight or curly hair, it doesn’t matter.

You got bigger in SuperStar, do you have a tendency to go out and prove something?
Urit mm set ambitions, it didn’t end there. It all started there. The doors to the Slovak music show business have opened up for me, I fully understand that. I would definitely like to reach out to Europe, but gradually, it can’t be all at once. We are not stopping like that, but with humility and with the fact that I have a lot to do in Slovakia to really establish myself.

And what about relationship life? Is it also blooming, or is it stagnating?
So it’s not blooming. (smh) He could easily bloom. It’s interesting that I’ve been on a few dates that turned out to be a meet and greet, not a date. But we’ll see. I’m open to it, just don’t put pressure on it. When someone comes, they come. When not, then no. About that much.

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