Style like Pavlov easily and for only 3 prints: The first lady sews on a handbag!


Sometimes it charms with its style, other times it falls apart, especially the member, because its imperfection attracts people. Eva Pavlov (58) set off to the Olomouc region, fully prepared. She complemented the elegant outfit with luxurious accessories – a souvenir from Burberry and an affordable handbag with Czech signs, which was also loved by the actress Dana Morvkov.

First lady Eva Pavlov accompanied her husband, President Petr Pavlov, to a two-day visit to the Olomouc Region. Together they imprisoned you in the flannel coil factory, which became the symbol of his campaigns. They also opened a basic cola, pepper and/or Forest bar. They met with the soldiers at the Ground Forces Headquarters.

The first lady took advantage of the non-Prague fashion, even looking for elegant pieces that you can be inspired by without ruining your finances. She complemented the black body with the British Burberry logo from her hand.

It will cost about 8.5 thousand crowns, including the camera for about 21 thousand. However, you will find a similar pattern on the Fraas characters, which will only be printed on anything under the printer.

Eva Pavlov chose elegant and affordable pieces

Pavlov completed her autumn outfit with a green long-sleeved handbag from Elega, known for her collaboration with actress Dana Morvková. Pavlov wears their handbags regularly, they are also affordable. The piece she brought out costs about 3.5 thousand crowns and is made of ke.

Eva Pavlov chose elegant and affordable pieces

During the forest walk, she did not follow the style of the first lady – she wore a functional heather jacket, which did not match the color of the red flannel coil or the rest of the Devorubeck outfit.

This is how the first woman set off into the forest

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