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A popular actress was robbed. Kohoutova asks for help and offers a reward


The actress and singer Berenika Kohoutová, known from the TV series Jedna rodina or Ordinace v rozágárdena, is having a really hot time. An unknown person stole her expensive purse from the trunk of her car on Tuesday. The public is also asking for help and is also offering a financial reward.

An unknown perpetrator was supposed to break into the trunk of the actress’s car, which fans can now see on TV Nova screens in the series One Family, on Tuesday afternoon in Prague. However, he did not leave empty-handed and looted a very expensive purse in which Kohoutová had personal belongings.

Someone stole my purse from my car a while ago. It makes me sick. I had it in my suitcase. Please, if anyone finds her lying around Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrady, but rather Římská Street, let me know. Thank you very much,” wrote Kohoutová on Facebook on Tuesday to the group Vinohradská parta. She is also solving everything with the police.


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According to the actress, the person in question could not have known that there was a bag in the car. “I didn’t have her as an attraction in the front seat. I had the purse in my trunk. I put it there in the garage at Lidl. So the person who then took it either to náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrady or náměstí Míru, because I made two stops there, could not have known that there was this purse in that trunk,” Kohoutová said in Instagram stories.

Kohoutová does not know for sure how the thief got into the car. “Either he probably had some kind of jammer, or I didn’t lock. Which really never happens to me. But considering that I’m such a workaholic, it’s probably theoretically possible. I don’t know. Anyway, I had it in my trunk. I had it covered. And the person took out the contents of the paper bag from Lidl and put the purse in it,” Berenik described.

The extravagant orange-white Prada handbag, the price of which is around 70,000 crowns, is not sold in the Czech Republic. “I ordered it from America, because you can’t buy it in the Czech Republic. So if a thief or a thief tries to shoot it here, it will be very difficult for them. Because it is quite distinctive,” Kohoutová thinks.

Berenika still hopes that the bag will return to her. “I hope and believe that there are good people. And that if you see her somewhere, you’ll let me know. I for I would like to give some financial reward,” the actress concluded, saying that there are worse things happening in the world.

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