The whole mother is older –

The whole mother is older –
The whole mother is older –

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Genes in the family cannot be denied. A rule that was also confirmed by Emma Smetana and her partner Jordan Haje. They brought their two little princesses, older Lennon and younger Ariel, to the Halloween party. As photographers captured, the older daughter seems to have lost sight of her beautiful mother.

Emma Smetana and Jordan Haj celebrated Halloween in a big way. The older Lennon and the younger Ariel arrived at the festive party together with their two daughters. Of course, the editorial team of was also present, whose photographers captured that Lennon strikingly resembles his beautiful mother and looks like her younger copy.

Although the whole family left their Halloween costumes at home, it must be noted that the make-up was worth it. Emma and Lennon chose the same make-up, which was a hit and highlighted how similar they are. They complemented the expressive eyeliner with red lipstick and were thus completely unmissable. Their outfits also matched perfectly. Both bet on simplicity, namely the color black.

Featured video: Interview with Emma and Jordan.

Emma and Jordan have high demands on their daughters

As parents, Emma and Jordan try not to spoil their daughters too much. They advocate stricter upbringing and have considerable demands on their offspring. “I don’t care what they do professionally, but I think I’m going to stick with them graduating from college and having a degree for being smart. I think this is useful in life, for example, if they want to pursue music or another such risky profession.” the star of the series Eliška and Damián explained earlier in an interview for

The star couple’s first daughter was born in December 2016. She was named Lennon Marlene Haj Hossein Smetana. However, she did not remain an only child for long, and in 2020 she was already looking forward to a newborn sister. They also chose an unconventional name – Ariel Ava. It was the older of them, Lennon, who inherited from her mother not only her appearance, but also her artistic talent. “If we take it from the point of view of talent, then he would be there. And he would be there to a degree that goes far beyond me and Jordy.” Emma claimed in the same interview.

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