Avengers: Marvel is considering the return of the entire original team

Avengers: Marvel is considering the return of the entire original team
Avengers: Marvel is considering the return of the entire original team

Iron Man and Co. they can come back one more time to show the young suckers years later how to save the world properly.

Success Marvel it’s not what it used to be. So far this year, it has culminated in a lackluster reception Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. But they are also in danger Marvels, as indicated by the latest sales forecasts. Some of the new heroes are doing worse, others better, but they just haven’t achieved the success of the old party from the time of the first Avengers. How about that Marvel will he fight in the future?

It would be optimal to proceed patiently. Release fewer films and series, shoot them all in absolutely top quality and convince holiday audiences that they don’t have to see everything to get their bearings. So far, nowhere has it been said that in the end the studio will not choose a truly responsible approach. However, according to the server information Variety in Marvel at least they are also considering the “atomic” option.

According to behind-the-scenes sources, the studio is hesitant to try to entice viewers by simply bringing in the old Avengers back. And that in complete composition. They would also return Iron Man and Black Widow, who are not currently alive. Narrative-wise, it wouldn’t be the least bit of a problem, since we’re currently operating in a multiverse where every character has an infinite number of copies in parallel realities. It would be worse practically.

VariEyou recalls that Robert Downey Jr. for Iron Man 3 received a payment of 25 million dollars. IN Avengers although he doesn’t have as many working hours thanks to his colleagues, but time has progressed, prices have gone up. And Downey gives the impression that he’s currently getting a kick out of making movies like this Oppenheimer. Even for a temporary return to Marvel so only a very fat check would probably convince him. The other actors will get less, but they will still have a lot to say. And when the paychecks are added up, you suddenly have a multi-hundred million dollar budget on your neck. In order for such a film to be worth making at all, it would have to be Disney really strongly believe that the audience will go to the cinema as it is Endgame.

We’ll see if a similar mega comeback actually happens in the end. So far it just feels like trying to solve creative problems with money and delaying the inevitable. The old gang may come back once more, but it will still be necessary to breed new successful heroes if the brand is to function in the future.

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Source: Variety

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