The Glastonbury phenomenon. The organizers revealed a few clues about next year’s program


Tickets are sold in two waves on November 2 and 5, and as usual, before the start of their sale, the organizers did not release a single name from the program to the world. Nevertheless, based on many years of experience, it could be assumed that it would be sold out practically immediately.

This year it exceptionally took an hour, but only because of a technical error on the part of the sellers.

The festival with a capacity of two hundred thousand visitors, which took place under the name Worthy Farm on the family farm of Michael Eavis for the first time in September 1970, is simply a phenomenon in the world of music.

Every year, fans try to predict in advance who will be the three main stars of the next year. This time, their tips are mainly based on the assumption that the festival will try to balance this year’s program, which lacked women among its stars. This was already confirmed by Emily Eavis when she revealed in an interview for the BBC podcast Sidetracked that in 2024 the audience can look forward to a female legend. Every year, one place is dedicated to a legendary performer or performer, who is a bit like the fourth star of the festival, even if he plays in an earlier time.

Elton John couldn’t say goodbye to England better than at Glastonbury

This year it was Cat Stevens, who today performs under the name Yusuf. His set was an essential example of what a legend’s concert looks like. He was listened to religiously by all generations as he played his surely immortal songs in the rays of the setting sun.

If the plans that Eavis hinted at in the mentioned podcast work out, the other stars of the festival will most likely be women. Which, we’ll find out after the new year, when Glastonbury is set to reveal the full line-up.

Since the organizers waited to close it this year, according to Eavis, they have now managed to agree on one “really big name” from America. But whoever will be in the trio of main stars, they will not have an easy position. Playing primetime on the famous Pyramid Stage is certainly a challenge at any time, but this summer the bar has been raised even further. The last person to perform on it was Elton John. And his concert was a memorable moment. He played his last set in England at Glastonbury, and if we talked about Cat Stevens in superlatives, it’s hard to describe the atmosphere that prevailed when saying goodbye to Elton John.

Glastonbury is a festival that takes place in the pastures of the picturesque British countryside. Every year, important moments in music history take place there. A number of musicians like to prepare something special for him. Dave Grohl, who masked his return to England with Foo Fighters after the death of drummer Taylor Hawkins under the pseudonym The Churnups, made the festival his own playground and performed with Guns N’ Roses and The Pretenders.

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Rick Astley, who enjoyed a spectacular return to the limelight, teamed up with young band Blossoms for a change to cover The Smiths songs. Blondie enlisted Glen Matlock from the Sex Pistols as bassist. And even Paul McCartney, who took care of the culmination of Glastonbury a year earlier, came to the farm and enjoyed the sunset here, watching Foo Fighters, Guns N’ Roses, Pretenders and of course Elton John from the side of the stage.

It is not surprising that he came to soak up the atmosphere even a year after the massive crowd under the Pyramid Stage sang his songs.

Glastonbury Festival plays with visitors. The Churnups was the cover name for the triumphant return of the Foo Fighters

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