StarDance? I’m afraid I’ll drop out soon, to Olga Lounov. I’m a dumbass


It’s no secret that Olga Lounov won the dance championship in Los Angeles, USA. The handsome singer is very gifted in movement, during his concerts he performs various acrobatic stunts, swings on rings or exercises in the air with ropes. But how did she get to the world championships in the USA?

My teacher lived in America for 23 years and was the only one there who even won the prize for the best dance teacher four times in a row. he told me that when we have thorns, we should go somewhere and try it out, Olga revealed to Expresa with the fact that the current trial will be performed at the O2 Universum, which will take place at five years.

She herself once wanted to take up dancing professionally. Automatically raise the question when we will see it in the StarDance program.

Of course I would invite it. I would be very badly evaluated and that I would drop out soon. the guy wants to put everything into it, he wants to show everything, but he gets you a dance that doesn’t suit him and throws him out. That would be stress, but it would be a call, said Lounov.

T is very successful in America, it spent seven weeks on the Billboard Chart, where it won the 27th position. Her promising career in the USA came to a slight halt, although she continued to record in English, due to covid and the birth of a girl, she had to slow down a bit. The publishing house threw a pitchfork at me.

Olga Lounov read the book, by herself

They started minting cryptocurrency for artists, so I’m looking for a new publishing house, revealed the surprise we met at the corner of the book In the Kimono and to the Grave of Peter the Elder. Olga loves Thai boxing, and so does he.

I didn’t use grips on my partner, he does Thai boxing too. We go somewhere special, he chats with the boys, we women focus on things on the thorny side, she explained the song she took with Jude Teba and the fact that she sang a song for Luke Krplek called Medalist.


I am very proud of Jklovy, both Rodia and Petra. They are nice and hard working people and they send a rush. Mr. Jkl’s daughter is very free. On vacation, on the bus, I recommend added Olga Lounov with the fact that she herself writes a book, I even have two published, one fiction and one about Dakar. She is a woman of many talents and professions.

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