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“It” piece of the season for a few crowns

Red took over the baton after the summer edition of pink mania, which was reborn into the current reigning red “it” the color of the season. It was the various shades of the color of love, passion and unrelenting energy that had the most consistent line across the runways – as did colorful tights. When the hot trends of the season are combined, it creates a must-have piece that simply encourages you to try it on. And the wind in your wallet will definitely not hurt you, you can get the best tights in shades of red for a few crowns.

When a hot trend meets wardrobe basics

We don’t have to go too far for proof that red has charmed not only world-class designers. Just scroll through the Instagram feed, from which it will jump out at you in the form of visually impressive woolen coats, sophisticated cardigans with a certain amount of French charm, handbags, timeless shoes, but also sophisticated dresses.

The first lady’s most requested color

And it was in an eye-pleasing, eye-catching red dress that Eva Pavlova stood out from the crowd of formal dark color palette on the occasion of the state awards ceremony. The long evening dress from the workshop of the renowned designer, the queen of evening gowns, Tatiana Kovaříková, respected both the highly festive act and the wearer herself with its cut. A spectacular cape, which we have not seen on her for the first time, added to the impressiveness of the model. A similar cut, but with shorter sleeves and an asymmetrical design, was worn by model Petra Němcová at the foundation’s charity evening.

Hidden symbolism

However, it is worth noting that he wears red especially during important events. Her story began when she stepped into the brand new position of First Lady. Eva Pavlová dressed her in a cashmere coat with minimalist lines from the designer and stylist Štěpánka Pivcová. The coat stood out on an azure blue dress made of exclusive bouclé originating from the Czech designer Zuzana Kubíčková. Red thus also pays tribute to Czech statehood, this color has a dominant position in the symbolic tricolor. Red is not only about love and passion, it also symbolizes power, strength, self-confidence, but above all it reflects a festive mood. She also left significant symbolism behind when she met actor and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom. You can read about the model she opted for in the following article:

What else do the other colors in Eva Pavlova’s wardrobe mean? Renowned designer and stylist Kamila Vodochodská evaluated this for us:

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Say it with a complement

But back to the red tights. These will be suitable for everyone who is just getting to know red. Not every one of us can carry her expressiveness shining far and wide and dress her in a dominant position through an eye-catching red coat. Red tights literally balance the gray of an elegant overcoat – a coat in dark shades. They will go hand-in-hand with pointed-toe pumps on a stiletto heel, but also with ballerinas, moccasins or mary jane shoes. And if you are less daring, you can start with red only in the form of socks, which make a rather simple look special.

Check out the best red tights and red in the first lady’s wardrobe in the photo gallery.

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