Older men started flirting with Havel. The actress surprised with her reaction

Older men started flirting with Havel. The actress surprised with her reaction
Older men started flirting with Havel. The actress surprised with her reaction

Actress Dagmar Havlová earned a number of compliments from various men with her picture on social networks. According to them, the artist is a very beautiful woman and almost never ages. Their comments did not go unanswered.

​Dagmar Havlová celebrated her 70th birthday this year. According to many fans, however, age has no bearing on the legendary artist. This time she dazzled them with an elegant photo where she peeked out of the door. “Hello, I’m looking to see what the weather will be like today. And what will it be like tomorrow? What to wear? A hat already? We’ll see,” the actress wrote on social media for the picture.

She caught the eye of many men. They were completely blown away by the beauty of the actress. “Good evening, beautiful and kind Mrs. Dagmar. I wish you a nice day too. I’ve been looking at the weather forecast on my mobile phone, it doesn’t look good,” answered one of the older flatterers.

He decided to tell the actress what he liked about her. “Ms. Dagmar, you have beautiful hair that will warm you up a bit, but what about me, I’m throwing piggies, so it’ll be on the cap for me. The jacket looks good on you,” he continued with a bow.

He was joined by another admirer of the actress. “It’s good that you, Dagmara, with a youthful face, with a nice smile, in a great jacket ‘looked out’, I look at you again with pleasure! Recently, some good movies from my younger years have been playing on TV, and I like to remember these movies and you,” confided the second man.

He began to admire how the actress still looks good. “We all age, without a doubt, but you, next to the rest of us, probably the least! Thank you for the very nice photo! I think that, depending on the conditions, you will definitely dress nicely and appropriately again,” added an admirer of Havlové.

The actress must be used to flattery from men during her years of fame, but her profile is full of them. Havlová even decided to answer these men and responded to them with several hearts in the comments. And at the same time, she has not yet responded to the flattery of her colleague Tereza Brodská.

Dagmar Havlová celebrated her 70th birthday. Watch the video (3/2023):


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