He admitted his mistake and fear for his son: It can’t be taken back anymore,…


Every parent wants only the best for their children. From time to time, even a well-intentioned step can trigger an avalanche of events that one would prefer to avoid. That’s probably what singer Jakub Smolík is saying now, who got his son excited about his passion. But it is very dangerous because it is motocross.

He went to the track with his son for the first time when he was only three years old. However, the little boy was immediately interested in motorcycles, so he began to devote himself to this beautiful but dangerous sport. “I have to admit that I regret it! I would change it right away, but unfortunately I can’t. Every time I go to training with him, I pray that nothing will happen to him,” the singer confided in the program Kápni božská!

The popular musician is himself a passionate motorcyclist and has a museum at home, which contains a total of forty-five machines. But he is not nearly as worried about himself as he is about his son – Jakub Smolík junior. “I became very aware of this when the trainer injured himself at the track where we go to train and ended up with four broken ribs. I would never forgive myself for that,” he said honestly.

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree

Moments like this are exactly the moments when Jakub Smolík realizes how much he cares about those closest to him. “The older a person is, the more he cares about his family. I haven’t always had a good relationship with my brother, but I’m going to his wedding next week and I’m extremely happy about it,” he said in an interview.

In addition to ten-year-old Jakub, the popular musician with his wife Petra also has a daughter Petra Jr., who is now seventeen years old. She is also musically gifted and likes to perform with him on stage from time to time. Jakub Smolík is very happy that the apple did not fall far from the tree. But he admits that it creates comical moments from time to time.

“Sometimes she performs with me, but she’s already taller than me, so it looks a little weird when she’s singing “Tell me daddy, I’m your baby” and I’m looking up at her. But it’s still the biggest reward for me. When I was in my sixties, she sang me the song Daddy’s little girl and I must say that I was roaring on stage,” the musician recalled with emotion.

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