Marvel: the return of the most famous actors. Downey already has a contract


There is a major change in plans for the future of the Avengers.

The management of Marvel Studios feels well that its current Multiverse Saga is not working very well, which is also reflected in the declining attendance of new films. The solution is to bring back the original Avengers and potentially replace the supervillain Kang with Doctor Doom. This is motivated by the current developments surrounding Kang’s representative Jonathan Majors, who is threatened with up to a year behind bars, but this decision is still ahead of Marvel.

In any case, the return of the original Avengers should include the complete six, that is, including the pair of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.). At the same time, both heroes said goodbye to the series forever – in the case of Iron Man, it was also a matter of self-sacrifice and snapping, which essentially saved the fate of the entire multiverse from Thanos’ purge. But when you have a multiverse, nothing is definitive. Not even Endgame…

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According to the findings of respected insider MyTimeToShineHello, even Downey Jr. he gave a nod to the return, but it is not yet clear how much involvement the famous actor actually expects at Marvel Studios. Considering his certainly huge demands for a fee, one can assume a rather minor role… which will be very expensive anyway.

Among the main drivers of Avengers: Secret Wars (sixth part) is the version of Spider-Man played by Tom Holland and Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman. They are supposed to lead a larger team of different multiverse variants of superheroes under the Time Variance Authority, or Temporally Variance Agency (TVA) known from the Loki series, which oversees the multiverse, different timelines and variants.

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The question remains whether someone will also supervise the increasingly wild development of the entire MCU, because only the most die-hard fans will soon be familiar with its constant returns and crossovers. For example, the recent South Park special hits his practices in a biting way.

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