Anna K.: I sing about fateful relationships


Most of the new songs seem to be about your relationship with Tomas. It is so?

They began to form in the time after our darkest period, and they were the most beautiful and very intense times of our relationship. That is why many texts are so loving. Whenever I called home from trips and Tom was recording in the studio, he picked up the phone with the words: Hello, this is the Láska studio.

We’ve been together for twenty-six years, we’ve been through a lot of difficult times and even the most difficult ones, but after every darkness, the sun has always come out again, and that’s just the way it goes with us all the time. Now we have our Love studio.

But our new album is not just about the two of us. It is primarily about strong and long-term relationships, it is about the strength of feeling and inseparable bond between people, which is perhaps a little rare these days. It is about life ties that are fateful.

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We are very sensitive and sensitive creatures, sometimes a little unhealthy. Sometimes it’s pretty rough with us. We experience everything intensely, and when we’re loaded, which the two of us are rather above standard, we can sink into the monstrous depths of demons. We’ve already walked a full day a few times, and the journey after it was really a massacre. But we always hold each other’s hand and we always find our way up.

When a sensitive person who has experience with a long-term relationship listens to the lyrics on the new album, they will surely resonate with them. People certainly experience and often experience similar situations. There’s absolutely everything in those songs. Even the fact that we are sometimes, on the contrary, crazy happy.

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Anna K.

Have you ever been inclined to go your separate ways?

Such a hint may have been after my second illness with cancer. We were already completely squeezed and there was nowhere to go. We had the death of several of our loved ones behind us, and this period destroyed us both so much that for a while it looked like we wouldn’t make it this time after all. It was an endless hell, how can one fragile person endure it?

We started living separately for a while, we rested from each other, gained strength. At the same time, we talked on the phone several times a day, so we weren’t really apart. Anyway, it was a very difficult and sad period. In the end, we understood that this is not the way, but instead we have to hold each other tighter than ever.

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Are you always the first to whom Tomáš plays a musical idea or a finished song?

Yes, and he also plays me ideas for his band Courtesans of 25th Avenue. Sometimes I tell him that I would do something differently, he thinks about it and maybe even changes it.

He comes in a fortnight and tells me to listen to the edited version. When I wonder why he redid it, he replies: Well, if you didn’t like it.

For fun, I then tell him if he writes a note on the record Courtesy of 25th Avenue by the producer Anna K. But it is always true that he is the one who is the clear winner as an author out of the two of us. He is really a huge talent and I love his ideas.

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Anna K.

There were some attempts, but I know really better and more talented composers. I’ve been guiding Tom in some way for years. We’ve gotten along over the years and it works beautifully, so why change it?

David Koller once told me that I should try because I always have a clear idea of ​​what my songs should sound like and what they should be about. But why should I do that when Tomas can do it better, he speaks my language, he can listen to me and empathize perfectly, so I only sing what I would write myself if I could do it so beautifully.

Sometimes I tried it, we did something once with PB Ch. for my album Amulet, which was released in 1995. I thought that nobody knew that record, but recently Kamil Střihavka told me that he likes it very much. It pleased me.

I’m radical when it comes to song and lyric choices. It has to totally rock with me emotionally, just so I know it’s the right thing to do and I can sing it with all my heart.

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Anna K.

Is it true that you originally rejected the song Tamaryšek, which was written for you by Robert Kodym?

She didn’t refuse, I was just embarrassed that I had to sing the relatively voiceless word tamarisk in the chorus. I remember that I was in Brno, in a car in a convoy, when I read what Robert sent me.

I called him with great concern and respect, but also with the fact that this doesn’t sound like much to me and I don’t really want to sing it. Do you understand? It was brave to say this to one of the most distinctive and wonderful rock poets, which for me Robert is. He listened to me and said: Anna K, give me a chance. We then went to Sono’s studio, he sang the song to me, we tried to phrase it together according to his lyrics and suddenly it was beautiful.

I’m happy that he didn’t take offense then and wrote me other lyrics and maybe even the whole Song of Tears. By the way, Tamaryšek is still among my least favorite texts.

What types of songs do you like?

Rather melancholic, emotional, the kind that make my throat tighten and move when I sing. On the new album they are definitely Black Tulip, Normal is nothing at all and Let it never end.

In a way, even the title track Valley of the Bees is fragile…

That, in my opinion, is the greatest strength. At the same time, it was created under slightly more demanding conditions. We shot it in the summer during the festival season, when I had problems with my vocal cords due to a lot of concerts in completely crazy weather. But I knew that we needed to sing it and that it was a song that I couldn’t shout, which wouldn’t have been a problem for me. The problem was to sing softly and more quietly.

The speakers didn’t switch at all. I was nervous about it and thought that I wouldn’t have time to put this beautiful thing with the divine lyrics on the album. Then one evening I say to Tom: Look, I’m going to go down to the studio immediately and try to sing it, it just has to go.

I played it once and Tomáš told me that it was great, that it had wonderful emotions and that we had it. So we also thought that it would be nice if he sometimes sings with me in that song, and it turned out to be a duet.

My beloved Black Tulip was also in danger. We waited three weeks before my voice started working the way I needed for such a fragile song. It turned out great in the end, I think. That’s all me, nothing is ever simple.

Anna K.

  • My name is Luciana Krecarová.
  • She released her first solo album Já nezapóminám in 1993.
  • The Valley of the Bees is her ninth consecutive album.
  • In 2009, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • After the first cure, it returned in 2017, but she was able to beat it the second time as well.

At the same time, listening to the album reveals your great vocal form.

Thank you. I got a call from a friend who had heard the record. She was absolutely thrilled and said that the songs were beautifully sung. Well, you see, maybe it’s just a subjective feeling that a person is falling from fatigue and can’t. And maybe this is the moment when he has to go for it and sings at his best.

How did the Christmas-themed song Na vločce, which closes your album, come about?

Once Tomáš came from the garden, it was thirty degrees outside, he was wearing only shorts and a guitar around his neck, and he says: I must have written my first Christmas song in my life.

He played it for me and it was very beautiful. The text is about someone who is sitting on a train at Christmas, going to see his family, who he probably hasn’t been with for a long time for many reasons, and he doesn’t know at all how it will turn out, how the family will accept him.

It’s also a very personal story, although I’m sure a lot of people have experienced it that way. I put it on the album last, I thought it had its place there and that it would close the whole thing nicely. I wonder how people will like it.

We will play it for the first time on our pre-Christmas tour. I can’t wait to see how people will react and perceive our entire Bee Valley.

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