How did SA flight deck uniforms evolve? The zircons on the dog did not leak

How did SA flight deck uniforms evolve? The zircons on the dog did not leak
How did SA flight deck uniforms evolve? The zircons on the dog did not leak

When creating uniforms, it is necessary to take into account many facts. It is necessary to take into account that they will be worn by employees of a wide spectrum of sizes and types of figures, and on all of them the uniform must look presentable and wear well from the user’s point of view. The design must therefore work with the fact that its creation will be worn in different temperature ranges with a difference of several tens of degrees, which will occur during a short period of time.

Last but not least, it is necessary to choose a material that is easy to tear, which can withstand a certain amount of wear and will not look worn after several washes. This is a big challenge for any designer who receives an order for airline personnel clothing.

In the time when the air force was golden, i.e. in the 60s and 70s, uniforms were created, which over time became part of modern history. At that time, the airlines did not like to experiment and went ahead with the average and extravagant models that attracted the attention of the public. Their authors at that time were famous names in the world of foreign design, such as: Christian Dior, Oleg Cassini, Pierre Balmain, Emilio Pucci or Christian Lacroix. The uniforms worn at that time were not only extravagant, but also sexist from a daily point of view and unwearable at the time.

New job for women

The first female uniforms at the Slovak National Airlines demonstrably appeared in 1937, i.e. 14 years after the company was founded. ilo is the Antonn Boui design studio in Prague. The set consisted of a dark blue jacket, a light red skirt, a white blouse, a tie and pumps.

Vintage photograph of the SA headquarters in Helsinki from the mid-1950s

The first recorded uniform dates from the spring of 1937, when it was captured in a promotional photo in the sales office in Hana Fuchsov Jungmannov Street. She became, along with Mari Stara and Mari Mllerová, one of the first flight attendants to fly in the service of the Slovak National Airlines during the spring of that year.

In August, she was replaced by Mari Terezi Thurn Taxis. Because she originally worked as a ground employee, Hana Fuchsov had a different designation on the sleeve of her jacket than her colleague in the photos from the flight reports

In 1939, due to the German occupation, airline operations were interrupted, so the wearing of this uniform lasted only two years.

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