Hanychov and Dopita: The first cloud in the relationship? Agta is preparing a pdu for the return, hard source

Hanychov and Dopita: The first cloud in the relationship? Agta is preparing a pdu for the return, hard source
Hanychov and Dopita: The first cloud in the relationship? Agta is preparing a pdu for the return, hard source

Recently on her Instagram, Agta Hanychov shared more about her family life with her old boyfriend Mirek Dopita, to whom she moved after her painful breakup with Jaromr Soukup.

From Dopita, who is the father of his twelve-year-old son Krypno, Agta recently gave him his manager. In the most recent interview for the Super.cz website, the model shared some very interesting information that suggests a lot.

Mirek didn’t live with us, both of them do. I can’t believe I’m madly in love. I’m glad you can help me, I’m safe, said Hanychov, who didn’t even show up at the Halloween party with Mirek. She was accompanied by Dopit’s sister Jana.

Agta Hanychov and Mirek Dopita opt tvo pr.

It seems that Agta’s patched-up relationship with Dopita is not as perfect as the influential influencer tried to present on stage. Even a valuable source of Express, who is very close to Hanychov, indicates that the first clouds in the relationship have probably appeared. One of the reasons may be the fact that the Hanych family does not get married, that the household has to support itself financially.

Agta began to slowly prepare for the return, because I think she made a big mistake with that return. You don’t know how to do it so that people don’t have full blood, guessed the hunter, who spoke only under the guise of anonymity.

ek for a breakup and a reason for a breakup. Nevra, or pension, then kicks him out. Agta is very instinctive. It’s no secret that Dopita is currently out of work and deep in his pocket. She will not want to live except to give birth to him, added the source of Expres, according to which the sentence had a big impact on Agta Hanychov’s fragile psyche.

It all explains how beside herself she is. He’s not mentally well at the moment, he has a lot of mood swings. To Soukup, he gave a dream to each of his daughters and made her judge about Rozrk a lot. Financially and mentally. It costs a lot of money, but also nerves, because the first loss, added a valuable informant.

Agta suffered from mental problems. She has low self-confidence with the therapist

As for her mental problems, Agta makes no secret of the fact that she sought professional help. In the last ivm posted on Instagram, she had her friend and therapist Evelna, she used to work with the model.

In the stream, Hanychov talked to fans about his problems with low self-esteem. All the time, she also pretended that what she dreams of is hidden in the underbelly and that she masks her problems with the help of jokes and silly laughter.

Girls, I’m having a moment here, I think I’m going to melt Agta joked. Gotta learn it, Agta. I would love her too. Agta, brag Evelna encouraged her friend. ever Hanychov responded.

The therapist then praised that Agta behaved much better next to her old partner Mirek Dopita. I’m having fun with you, not when you were with a former partner. You are so relaxed ekla Agt human dui expert.

Remember when we were on Barrandov’s TV, huh? Hanychov responded amused. You told me that you are very stupid. You were in kei and everything. It’s cool here. I have a guy here, with whom it probably works, the therapist continued.

There is no peace here, said Agta, who tried during the stream to hide the problem of jokes, laughter and a slightly crooked laugh.

Do you think it will last? Hanychov asked her therapist. It was clear in his voice that even she herself did not know the relationship with Dopita. The former model then made fun of the fact that his personal life was written by the office taking courses.

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