Jane Seymour: Estrogen helped me with sex after menopause

Jane Seymour: Estrogen helped me with sex after menopause
Jane Seymour: Estrogen helped me with sex after menopause

Sex starts to be painful and you need to come to terms with it. Estring was great for me because it gave me estrogen when I needed it, such a big change. There is a way to help me, and if you can find a way around it, go for it. There are many ways you and your partner can find satisfaction in life and how to be a full woman, recommends the actress.

Estrogen preparations are very much stopped. My doctor, Sherry Ross, says that estrogen is something of a superpower for a woman of any age. And if you perceive him like this, the whole view of everything changes, she said.

She coped with menopause. Everyone has that kind of sleeplessness, confused thoughts, sweating, rushes and forgetfulness. But it’s like I don’t have time for any of that, because my career suddenly took off, I’m an actor and I hope that I can remove the stigma related to menopause and women stiff.

The world is anti-stiff, we don’t eat it, we stand on every line and every hair we want to get rid of. In fact, it is the first time that we can use to do what we want to do. I can become what I want to be at Seymour’s.

All the children are gone from the house and have gone off into the world, so I have time for myself. There is no point in talking about what will happen five years from now, because I don’t know what will happen. So I’m going in a second. When someone asks if I’m going to him, I say yes. But te, not lost, she added in an interview for the magazine Hello!

Jane Seymour has a new relationship with musician John Zambetti (73). She recently broke up with producer David Green after nine years. Before that, she was married four times.

His first husband in the years 1971-1973 was the son of Richard Attenborough, Michael Attenborough. In 1977, she married writer Geoffrey Planer, but their marriage lasted only a year. In 1981, she married businessman David Flynn, with whom she has a daughter, Katie, and a son, Sean. They divorced in 1992. A year later, Seymour’s marriage was confirmed, this time to actor James Keach, with whom she has twins John and Kris. They worked together for twenty years.

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