Private jet, bodyguards, luxury hotel and Jagr! Details of Van Damme’s arrival in Prague

Private jet, bodyguards, luxury hotel and Jagr! Details of Van Damme’s arrival in Prague
Private jet, bodyguards, luxury hotel and Jagr! Details of Van Damme’s arrival in Prague

Next Tuesday, the SaSaZu club in Prague will host an event that no fan of action movies and martial arts should miss. Hollywood actor of Belgian origin Jean-Claude van Damme will talk about difficult beginnings and life at the top as part of the Night with a Legend event.

“We currently have a few left the last meet and greet tickets and a few tickets for tables and standing. It will definitely sell out on the day of the event.” reports promoter Petr Větrovský from the VDN Promo agency, which organizes the entire event.

According to Expres, Jean-Claude van Damme should fly to Prague on Monday, i.e. the day before the event.

“He will arrive by private jet and be accommodated in a five-star hotel. He will be escorted around town by private bodyguards,” Větrovský confided to us, who in the past organized similar events with Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury or perhaps with Jaromir Jágr.

It was the phenomenal hockey player who starred with Van Damme years ago in the film Sudden Death, which takes place in the arena of the Pittsburgh Penguins in the decisive series of the NHL finals. Last week, Jágr published an interesting video on social networks, where Jean-Claude van Damme himself stood in the goal of the Penguins as part of the film.

“Back then, Jean-Claude van Damme “stabbed” us in Pittsburgh, so now in Prague I’ll try to “stab” him in a week at SaSaZ. I like these funny videos and when he jumps on the ice when we get a goal and then he catches a puck, I jump on the stage behind him. If Marko Vašut doesn’t mind (I’d hate to get punched in the dark), I’ll ask JCVD ​​a few questions as well. I haven’t been a moderator yet. See you in a week” wrote Jágr on his Instagram, who will thus try out the role of moderator for the first time.

Van Damme refused at the first attempt, Jaro Slávik helped Větrovský

In addition to Jágr, other sports celebrities are also preparing to attend the event with Van Damme, such as former football striker Jan Koller or former biathlon superstar Gabriela Soukalová.

There is great interest among the fans not only in the official appearance in SaSaZ, but also in the exclusive dinner, to which only 14 selected guests will be able to attend. “The minimum amount is 20,000 crowns, and only those with the largest offer will be selected,” says the website where the one-hour dinner with Van Damme is for sale.

“Last 4 dinners left. The most expensive one was auctioned in Prague, but there was also interest from abroad, and new and new interested parties come in every day, we choose carefully. There’s still a chance to sit at the table with Van Damme.” Petr Větrovský reported for

The promoter has already stated in the past that getting Van Damme to Prague was much more difficult than it might seem at first glance. The Belgian actor refused for the first time.

“He rejected us on the first try. He costs us several million crowns, but he doesn’t book a date in advance, because if an offer comes for the film, his fee will be in the millions of dollars. We originally wanted to bring him to Prague in the spring, then we should have focused on other names, but he is my childhood hero. I didn’t want to give up on him and walk away as a loser. Then at one in the morning I started scrolling through social networks and found out that Van Damme will be in Brussels at Comic Con in November. I tried a quick retaliation, contacted Jaro Slávik and we started working on it again. Jaro brought it to an agreement that was signed,” described Větrovský.

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