Do you remember the girl idol Brandon Walsh from the series Beverly Hills? This is how he met in 54


She is not a star who shone once in one series. Although he is also getting old and time does not spare him, today the still handsome 50-year-old “Brandon of Beverly Hills” has won the favor of viewers for decades with his charm and personal charm. His world is not only in front of the camera, but also behind it. And not only behind her, it’s even much bigger…

Charismatic Canadian

Beloved by thousands of teenagers, Jason Bradford Priestley gained worldwide popularity as honest and characterful Brandon Walsh in Beverly Hills 90210 (1990-1998). He was twice nominated for a Golden Globe for this role, and directed 15 episodes of “Beverly” himself. In the last series of the series (2000), he acted only as a producer. In our country, television viewers may also know him from his other famous Canadian series Private eye (2016-2021) where he starred as a detective Matt (“Shadow”) Shade, who helps solve Angie Everett’s crime cases.

Jason as Matt Shade in Private Eye

He started his acting career in commercials, small films and TV shows, as well as in music videos. He appeared on the television screen for the first time in 1978. He played countless characters in TV series and movies. So far, the latest is a detective in the French film Death on a Track from 2023. He got his first role in a feature film in 1986, and within thirty there were more than four dozen of them. He also showed his acting talent on stage.

Since “Beverly Hills”, he has also started working as a producer and director of TV movies and series or their individual episodes and founded his own production company. He has won many awards for his contribution to the Canadian film industry and for his acting, and he has his own a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame in Toronto.


Jason in one of the video clips

Jason was born in Vancouver August 28, 1969. His mother was an actress, as was his older sister Justine. He comes from a bilingual family, so his native languages ​​are French and English. He acquired US citizenship in 2007.

Jason’s love

… the smell of gasoline

In addition to collecting motorcycles of various brands, Jason is also an enthusiastic car racer. Since the mid-1990s, he has participated in many Canadian rallies. He had to forget the smell of gasoline for a while in the year 1999 after crashing into a pole in his private Porsche while “under the influence”. He has been without a driver’s license for a year and court-ordered to attend “alcohol management” sessions. He returned to the racing track. In 2002 but he suffered an injury during practice at the race track when he crashed into a protective barrier at 290 km/h. He did not get behind the wheel of racing cars again until five years later.

Although he promotes safe driving behind the wheel, mainly after drinking, he is also known as a worshiper of quality whiskeycooperates with distilleries and performs at their tastings.


Jason with his family at the Monte Carlo Film Festival, 2022

… hearty

He was friends with his high school film crew from “Beverly Hills” not only during filming. Especially with “sister” Brandon (Shannen Doherty) and her love Dylan (Luke Perry), he maintained warm contacts even after the end of the series. He first married make-up artist Ashlee Peterson in February 1999, but their marriage didn’t even last a year. He found his family happiness only by the side of Naomi Lowde, also a make-up artist. They said yes on May 14, 2005. They have a daughter together Hail Veronica (*2007) and a son Dashill Orson (*2009).

… charity and joy

Jason contributes financially and participates in campaigns and charity events that are related environmentopposes cruelty to animals, is a public defender of their rights. It’s not just “animal” organizations that he supports, but also those that strive for LGBTQ+ equality. He used to play hockey and still loves him to this day. Order taking pictures, documents his experiences and publishes the images. His passion is good food. He has showcased his cooking skills on MasterChef and other cooking shows. In his honor, a Canadian chain of restaurants even started selling in 2013 “Pristley” donuts. Jason has hosted TV shows and lent his voice to animated characters.


This is what Jason looks like at age 54, Toronto, 2023

He wrote his autobiography as a children’s book under the title Jason Priestley: A Memoir, in which he shares his personal and professional experiences through a little boy and gives the reader a glimpse into his life. It was released in 2014.

He entered the hearts of millions of fans around the world, leaving a lasting mark on the silver screen and screens. One can only believe that he will continue to walk in it…


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