She explained why she no longer appears with Mirek –

She explained why she no longer appears with Mirek –
She explained why she no longer appears with Mirek –

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Agata Hanychová (38) commented on the speculation of some people who claim that her relationship with Mirek Dopita is almost over and that she will soon kick him. Even after her stormy breakup with Jaromír Soukup (54), thanks to her statement on Instagram, it is clear that she generously considers him and that he is the reason why Aguš does not present his old love from morning to night.

Mirek Dopita is still my love

“Just because you’re not taking pictures with someone non-stop doesn’t mean you’re not together. You just don’t want to hurt some people.” the influencer responded Agata Hanychová on gossip from the last few days on his Instagram.

Evil tongues claim that the words about the problems and split between her and Mirek Dopita, to whom the beauty sent a virtual heart, are being spread by someone disgraced, with whom she had an intense relationship until recently.

Crushed Jaromír Soukup

If she means Jaromír Soukup, towards whom Agáta has considerations, and therefore takes as few photos as possible with Dopita, and who, according to some sources, is still struggling, while it can be seen at first glance how the breakup destroyed him, while his ex is still doing well, that remains a mystery.

However, it is clear that Agáta is very well aware that her daughter Rozárka will forever connect her with the fallen media magnate, so she wants to have the most reasonable possible relationship with him.

Agáta got back together with her former partner Dopita, with whom she has the first child Kryšpín, shortly after the breakup of the previous relationship. She can’t be alone, moreover, Mirka already has a so-called “sniff” from the past, she knows what to expect from him, what his pluses and minuses are.

This is how Agáta spoke to about her love for Mirko Dopit:

Therefore, when his marriage collapsed and he appeared in Bohemia, it made sense that the two would seek mutual support from each other. And it looks like their love is just blossoming. Despite doubters and spreaders of unverified news…

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