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Versatility: Where practicality applies in all directions

For a wedding, a party, but also for work or city errands. At these events, a small handbag that can be carried in the hand, on one shoulder or as a practical crossbody will definitely stand up. “Even if we don’t throw one party after another, there’s always an opportunity to bring out a briefcase or a small purse in hand.” says the designer at the beginning and adds that universality and the practicality lies not only in the size, but above all in the unitary colors with beige in the foreground and in the quality leather material.

“When leather products are well cared for, they last for years and are both economical and ecological. Because if you buy a leather handbag, the trend just won’t last long. And besides, it’s artificial after all, it starts to peel and rub off. So if you buy a poor quality handbag for 1,000 crowns once a year, in five years you will find out that you have spent 5,000 crowns, but you will not have much of it left.” explains Lucie Kalousová.

There is no skin like skin

Leather products are often demonized, but many designers, including Lucia Kalousová, they work with leather as a secondary product: “I refuse to work with exotic ones like snake or crocodile skins. Because there you really kill the animal just for the skin. I only use beef hides, and in this case it’s actually a waste, because we’d have to be vegetarians to avoid making leather at all. In order not to throw it away completely, a tanning method was invented a long time ago. That is, the process where we stabilize the leather, stabilize the collagen fibers so that the leather does not rot or dry out, so that it can be worked with and leather products can be made. So it is a secondary product of the meat industry,” explained the designer.

Which handbags to invest in so that we can profit from them over time, and which ones not to buy, even for a few hundred crowns? You will learn this and more in the introductory video.

Check out the best universal handbags in our photo gallery.

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