Books arrived at the baptism –

Books arrived at the baptism –
Books arrived at the baptism –

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Dagmar Havlová exchanged elegance for comfort. At the christening ceremony, she attracted attention with her outfit in the form of an elegant suit, with which she wore sneakers. She was accompanied by Tatiana Dyková, who, on the other hand, scored points with her model and, as captured by the photographers present, looks better than ever.

Some outfits are really worth noting. This time, Dagmar Havlová attracted attention, who brought out an elegant blue costume, but with which she wore unconventional shoes. As captured by the photographers present, she put on sports shoes instead of elegant pumps.

The fact that she “killed” the elegant outfit with branded sneakers from the three-year-old Nike collection worth CZK 3,500 had a simple reason. Daša has been struggling with health problems for several months. Recently, she has been suffering from unbearable pain in her Achilles heel, and walking in pumps would not do the actress much good.

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Havelová suffers from unbearable Achilles pain

“After about two months of forced rest with a ruptured Achilles tendon, I went out on my own last week to present a check from my Foundation at the Zlatá Prague International Television Festival,” she wrote on social networks at the end of September. It should be noted that although the choice of footwear was quite surprising, Havlová still showed that she has a sense of style. The color of the sports sneakers perfectly matched the costume.

Tatiana Dyková also appeared at the christening of Andrea Sedláčková’s book Toyen: The First Lady of Surrealism, who kept to the elegance. She chose an emerald blouse decorated with a floral pattern for a blue patterned skirt. She was accompanied by her partner Vojta Dyk, who has a really hot beauty at home.

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