Blue Eyed Samurai, Special Ops or Lights We Cannot See. And Sylvester Stallone narrates –


There are lights we cannot see

The story of a blind French girl and her father who flee German-occupied Paris in an attempt to save a precious diamond coveted by the cruel Gestapo. Along the way, the girl meets a teenager recruited by Hitler’s regime and together they share a secret bond and faith in humanity and hope in an unforgiving time. The Netflix miniseries is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

Evaluation 69%

  • Original title: All the Light We Cannot See
  • Drama series (2023)
  • 4 episodes (new from 11/2/2023)
  • CZ subtitles • CZ dubbing
  • Netflix


He didn’t exactly have a happy childhood, so he liked to escape into the world of film. In a personal documentary, Sylvester Stallone tells how he rose from an outsider to a Hollywood legend. It’s a must-see for any fan of Rocky, Rambo and the action icon’s other hits.

Evaluation 72%

  • Documentaries (2023)
  • CZ subtitles • CZ dubbing
  • Netflix

Special Ops: Lioness

A task force of undercover CIA agents operates on the line between what is necessary and what is legal to keep the world safe. Pen master Taylor Sheridan’s new eight-part thriller is finally on SkyShowtime.

Click for larger image

Evaluation 75%

  • Drama series (2023)
  • 8 episodes
  • CZ subtitles • CZ dubbing
  • Sky Showtime

I’m sick of myself

In this dark comedy, Signe and Thomas present a couple with an unhealthy rivalry with each other that takes a dangerous turn when Thomas suddenly makes his mark as an artist. In response, Signe makes a desperate attempt to regain her position by deliberately making herself ill to attract attention and arouse sympathy.

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Evaluation 73%

  • Original title: Sick of Myself
  • Comedy (2022)
  • CZ subtitles • CZ dubbing
  • HBO

Blue eyed samurai

A young warrior is condemned to the fringes of society in Japan during the Edo period. Most of all, he wants to get revenge on those who are responsible, and he does not hesitate to go over corpses to do it. The new stunning-looking Netflix series was written by the creator of the new Poirots, Logan and Blade Runner 2049.

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Evaluation 70%

  • Original title: Blue Eye Samurai
  • Animated Series (2023)
  • 8 episodes (new from 3/11/2023)
  • CZ subtitles • CZ dubbing
  • Netflix

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