The wild return of hearts from Love Island –

The wild return of hearts from Love Island –
The wild return of hearts from Love Island –

Source: Venis Dao’s eXtra/nstagram collage, Rachel Karnížová’s Instagram


In the reality show Love Island, the sweetheart was only allowed a limited amount of alcohol, and everyone made up for this fact after returning to wild nights in Prague. After the grand final, which was won by Chris and Majka, the last participants also returned to their homes. But both old friends and new ones from the reality show in love were waiting for them there. Therefore, the celebrations did not take long, and little hearts threw themselves into the whirlwind of the night city, where everyone spent several nights in a row.

The finale of the reality show Love Island is over and its last two couples Venis and Adam, Rachel and Claude have only recently returned to their homes. More precisely, Venis, who is currently keeping Adam at her home in Prague. Immediately after his arrival, a big surprise was waiting for him at home in the form of friends, so the handsome man could immediately meet his love’s closest friends. They documented their arrivals on their mobile phones, which they received immediately after landing at Václav Havel Airport.

Back in reality

Hi there. We just landed in Prague. We finally have cell phones and we’re already chilling out here.” wrote Claude on his Instagram, who stayed with Rachel for one evening in Prague. After the welcome and recovery that they were no longer under the surveillance of the cameras, a boisterous party followed in the center of Prague at the Duplex club. There, the sweetheart enjoyed the VIP lounge and the attention of the fans. Alcohol was spared and Rachel provided the biggest show, as it was in the villa. She danced right next to the DJ and closed the club with Claude.

Two parties in a row

The sweethearts also spent the whole of the next day together, but during the afternoon Claude and Rachel disconnected from their second “family”, who traveled together to Brno. And despite the fact that the biggest party queen was no longer with them, the former participants of Love Island rehearsed and visited the Duplex again for the evening. This time, however, she received hearts and large glowing boards “Welcome to Duplex Love Island crew” and a bottle of alcohol as an attention to the business.

Interview with Oliver Průcha

“Thank you for the wonderful welcome,” wrote Venis on her story. Adriana Brabencová was also present at the evening event, who for a long time tended to avoid large numbers of people. As her partner from the villa Oliver himself said, the harsh criticism that was showered on her was hard for Adri. For the dramatic couple, it also seems that the young model is not moving anywhere outside of the friend yet. The blonde beauty takes her time. “I’m open to being with her, but she still has to make a decision and deal with it. So it’s actually like I’m waiting for her answer. But for me, I’m open to it. I’m 100% sure , that I’d like to go with her. She’s the only one now comparing herself to the things that happened.” he said in an interview for eXtra Průch.

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