Next week on the Street: Stopwatch theft, crazy


Soňa will search for the thief of her stopwatch. František gets nervous because of Miloš and Eva’s bickering. Vanda fights for Luďek right on his doorstep, while Karel and Kryštof experience a wilder divorce than they expected. In any case, the next week will be full of excitement, although rather stressful for Gábina.

Sonia makes a fuss about a stray stalk

Sonia’s beloved stem mysteriously disappears, which is all the more strange because she always wears it around her neck. He can’t strike a blow without them, and he certainly doesn’t intend to put up with the fact that the culprit would go unpunished. He intends to find out who it is at all costs, and she doesn’t like the fact that Magda would prefer to wave her hand over the criminal theft. Is it possible that the headmistress knew the culprit, or even covered for him? Is the theft of the stopwatch supposed to be some kind of punishment for Sona’s insensitive attitude towards students? Who will the deputy suspect the most in the end?

František will sort things out with Eva for Miloš

It is no secret that Miloš made František a new Bedřich a long time ago, his best friend, almost his own brother, with whom he shares all his worries and joys. Franta didn’t care about this role in the slightest, but he doesn’t have the heart to reject Miloš, although he should rather learn than to always solve his troubles and marital crises. However, all patience sometimes runs out. František also has only one nerve, so when Miloš starts crying on his hanger that Eva no longer sees him as a proper guy, it will probably be the last straw, because of which the young man treats Mrs. Knobloch well. What will he tell her and what will happen in the Knobloch household?

Miloš and Eva are simply a special couple. | Source: TV Nova

In order to get Luďka, Vanda goes to his house

When even the stars advise Vanda to fight with determination against the obstacles that fate puts in her way, how could she refuse? What about the fact that her own mother convinces her not to humiliate herself so much in front of Luďek and not impose herself on him? Vanda only knows her truth and she can’t tell anyone about it. Somewhere deep inside, Ludí still loves her, he just needs to realize it. Instead of giving up on him, she decides to get even harder. She follows him to his home. He even drags Blanka and Evžen into the unconventional fight to save the marriagebut with what result?

The divorce of Karla and Mára interrupts the birth

Karla and Kryštof’s first divorce hearing is here, and both have been conscientiously preparing for it since early morning. But sometimes man thinks and God changes. This will be confirmed when Dominika goes into labor in Coolna and Tony panics because he’s seriously not ready for this to happen so quickly. How will the hectic but joyful event affect Karla and Kryštof’s relationship? And what surprise awaits Monika?

Gábina does not enjoy her birthday very much

Birthday parties are usually a source of joy, or at least they should be. Gábina does not see it that way this year. She would prefer to forget that she has a birthday at all, but of course her loved ones will not allow her to do that. So she has to pretend all day that everything is fine, even though behind the mask of a smile she doesn’t feel that way at all. Only when alone with Hynk’s partner Daša, the fiercely feigned calmness disappears and Gábina almost collapses. What will Dasha confide in and what will she learn from her in return?

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