Andrea Sestini Hlavkov: I remember Thotenstv

Andrea Sestini Hlavkov: I remember Thotenstv
Andrea Sestini Hlavkov: I remember Thotenstv

We met at the pmm performance of the dance show StarDance. Since the time you came out, there have been big and visible changes in you. You are in a frenzy
Yes, it would be surprising to me if someone didn’t congratulate me last night, because I took a little bit of my hair. (smh)

When you see the whole show today, are you relieved that you alone are behind the drill?
No, I still remember and see the three of them. The nerves are there, but it’s a really nice experience. I would easily repeat it a second time, to sweat, to confirm. I’ll see those professional dancers try it on themselves a few times and have the opportunity to join the StarDance train soon. I’m here for my colleagues, athletes and I keep my fingers crossed.

Who do you like the most from this summer’s collection of inks?
So he has nothing else to do but Ev Samkov and Vvr Hradlok. That’s why they are not only athletes, but also my friends. I’m a fan of that. But there are also new adepts there, I have been very impressed with you Iva Kubelkov recently. Plus, I like his dance, because we were together in the last StarDance ad.

How is your mental preparation for the next child?
My first daughter is preparing me for that. She keeps me so busy that I can’t fully prepare for what’s to come. I’ll take it as it comes and see what happens.

How did you inform your children that another finger is coming to the family?
She and I have been through life changes and the fact that we have been expecting a baby for some time, actually for the last two years. So when everything was on the right track this time, she noticed it. She noticed that I’m growing up and I can’t kick her in the side when we’re in the bath and I have to be careful. And we both ate something, so I know it from the beginning. And she is the first one who started revealing it! So I almost couldn’t take her anywhere, because then she literally told people about it.

How is your kind of thotenstv different?
Physically, it is a nronj, because the hunter does not disconnect. I don’t think about the day of the exercise over the normal day, because on that day you will die as such. Mentally, I didn’t realize for a long time that I was pregnant. I didn’t want to screw it up. On the other hand, I am aware of it, because I am sure that this will be my last pregnancy.

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