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Everyone is capable of manipulating others to some extent. Being manipulative however, it does not necessarily signal dishonest or dishonest behavior. We can talk about real manipulation only when such behavior develops into a kind of playing with others for personal reasons, into a targeted influence on their thinking and behavior in one’s own interest. What are the most successful manipulative techniques according to the zodiac sign?

Aries are persuasive

Popular technique Aries is persuasiveness. They are self-confident and do not accept other variants, procedures and solutions than their own. They act sovereignly and, with their own combativeness, push others into situations that suit them above all. Aries always want to be winners, they are number one, and there is no answer for them.

Bulls are bullies

They achieve their goals in a surprisingly easy way. First, they are Bulls very stubborn, they don’t admit defeat. And secondly, they can imagine very well what it would be like if they failed – if they were forced to do something they didn’t want to do. And so they preemptively demonstrate how everything would turn out badly if it weren’t for them.

Geminis make things up

They are extremely persuasive in their speech. They deliver their half-truths in a believable manner. Sometimes they even come up with great ideas. If they want, others will swallow everything for them, even with a winch. Gemini they are masters of verbal deception and completely plausible stories. It is no coincidence that they are great business people.

Photo: Minerva Studio,

Geminis are masters of slander and slander. They love news of all kindsPhoto: Minerva Studio,

Cancers emotionally blackmail

Probably no one will be surprised to learn that Crayfish they manipulate others through emotions. When they need to, they will clearly let those around them know what they feel, how they feel and why they feel that way. At the same time, everyone around them can be sure that they are to blame for their bad feelings, moods and actions. They often reinforce the truth of their arguments by crying.

Lions mock

He never leaves them alone when someone does something they don’t approve of or agree with. At that point they start Lions the person in question and his views to comment loudly, in the worst case to ridicule. And so he achieves that others begin to feel bad or embarrassed because they think or say something that is worthy of a lion’s ridicule.

Virgos are cunning

In a very subtle way, they can perfectly convince others that their ideas are the best. Virgins they even make others naturally adopt their ideas as their own. How? With critical or sarcastic remarks, they slowly but surely erode the self-confidence of everyone involved.

Libra feigns incompetence

They are constantly looking for amicable solutions, but in the name of avoiding conflicts, Scales they often pretend that they are helpless and that they do not know how to deal with problems. They like to fake incompetence so they don’t have to face controversy or step out of their comfort zone.

Scorpios try to instill fear

Anger Scorpions it’s dangerous, everyone knows that, so usually everyone wants to have them on their side. For if he holds the bass with them, he protects them, and if not, he destroys them. A reliable method of handling. In addition, they like to threaten, for example, to leave the common home. No need to worry so much, they never leave anyone easily.

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The manipulative technique of Scorpios is sometimes threats or blackmail Photo: Ekaterina Zubal,

Shooters blackmail with gossip

They don’t like to admit their actions, which may have caused problems for someone. If someone nevertheless reminds them of their bad deeds, they will suddenly remember his mistakes, transgressions or mistakes, and the person in question can be sure that he Shooters they will not save. He will reliably retrieve from his memory the worst, most embarrassing or most unbelievable thing he has ever done in the past.

Capricorns are exalted

They like to make great fools of others, especially when they disagree with their views. They will then more than nimbly pull out convincing evidence of their impotence. Capricorns they like to use so-called unassailable facts and arguments that support their true positions. The minute others feel inferior.

Aquarius doesn’t care about anything

They do what they want. They do not need or require the consent of others for anything. Aquarians quite often they don’t even care if they have upset or offended someone. If others remind them of their misdeeds, they apologize, but they still go their own way. Their inattention and distance gives them room for manipulation. Others have to try.

The fish are silent

One of the signs most prone to manipulation. Fish they often play the role of victim, playing with the feelings and emotions of others even on a whim. If they get angry, they don’t talk to them or they ignore them completely, at least until they agree to their point of view or do what they want.

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