Citizen Identity is changing the design and has temporarily removed mojeID from the login options


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Citizen Identity stopped displaying all authentication methods in one place when logging in to state administration portals. It divides them into state resources, bank identity and other resources, where it includes mojeID, among others. The redesign is gradual. As pointed out by the Digital and Information Agency (DIA), which is behind the changes, the user will not be able to see the old or new version of the login page until November 15.

Jaromír Novak from CZ.NIC on the X network pointed out that my MojeID even fell out of the option to log in to Citizen Identity completely for a short time, i.e. it was not even included among the other means of authentication. At least this bug is fixed now.

DIA defends the redesign and new distribution of login methods into different categories by “reducing the cognitive load for users.” And he doesn’t intend to change anything about it.

Another DIA statement showed that the redesign was preceded by user testing, which evaluated the division of authentication means into state, banking and others as “the clearest and easiest to understand.” NAKIT agency participated in the testing.

Because Bank Identity is a free authentication tool only for state websites, while the private sector has to pay for each verification, the state has extended this login method for a long time. This is evidenced by a series of spots broadcast in prime time on public television, signed by the Ministry of the Interior and the Czech Banking Association.

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