Love horoscope for November 2023: What awaits your zodiac sign?


How will it be in November 2023 with love according to the Marian cards? Who is waiting for a new love and who is in danger of revealing an infidelity? Read how your zodiac sign will fare with love in November.

Recently, you and your partner really understand each other a lot, you have common topics and you enjoy being together and especially laughing. It brought you a lot closer. Because you both understood that work is not the most important thing, and you devote time to yourself.

Watch out for jealous arguments even though you will provoke your partner to return it with his interest. In the end, this can lead to big jealous scenes and you realize that these are not the right expressions of love. When you calm your partner down, he will show you love on his own and in a better way.

Your partner would like to expand the family, and since you probably already have children and haven’t thought about any others, his proposal will throw you off a bit. You need to explain it to him as soon as possible, otherwise it will still remain unresolved between you. You don’t have to answer him right away, give yourself time until the end of the month.

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If you are interested in spending more time with your partner, even old age, then November will be a unique opportunity. He may express that he would like some progress in the relationship, and a proposal for a hand in marriage or an arranged marriage may be on the agenda. Just think carefully about the answer.

In November, you can expand the family with a new addition. If you are not going to do it, think about it. There is someone close to you who has been interested in you for a long time, and you can get closer this month. In addition, he will invite you on a short vacation. But what do you do with your partner?

A month full of miracles is coming. Someone who you thought was not interested in you turns out to be a love interest full of plans for the future. You will be completely shocked and you will not believe it. Give yourself time to think and let him show you how much he cares about you.

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You have mixed feelings about your relationship. One day you think it’s the best relationship you could wish for, but then you tell yourself that you’re struggling and you won’t miss your partner at all. But your partner will show you feelings and you will fall in love again and find out that it is the right relationship.

Finally, your dream of a partnership will come true. You get it as a birthday present. Someone you’ve cared about for years expresses their feelings, and you find they are just as strong as yours. You will feel like you are in a fairy tale, but you will also start to consider whether it is just an illusion and you are not lying to yourself.

You have a pretty easy month ahead of you. Even if you hesitate whether to go to the cottage and start heating, or stay warm and comfortable at home. Somehow you feel tired lately and you don’t want to deal with anything at all. So mainly no big problem solving, even if your partner promised you blue sky for it.

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November will be a month full of sex for you, when there will be no shortage of passion and great joy from everything you experience with your partner. And fate can also bring you great feelings and falling in love. You will plan for a future full of hope and great prospects. Just forget your occasional criticism of your partner.

Beware of infidelity, in any form. This month, there is a big possibility that the partner will find out about her and it will become a really big jealous argument, maybe even a reason for a breakup. In any case, he won’t trust you in the long run, and you need trust with your lifestyle.

Try to involve your partner in your activities from the beginning of the month. You quite often have the feeling that you have to solve everything yourself and he just goes along. But it’s not his fault, you set it up that way and he just accepts it. You can’t fix it right away, but you have to start sometime. Then you will find that he is willing to help.

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