The fourth season of StarDance 2023: Who did the jury shock?


After the last round, some viewers of the popular dance competition were angry, and social networks were full of non-negotiable comments. And no wonder. Because write down great Ivan Chylkova, who obviously put her all into dancing, that in her sixties (although she doesn’t even look like them) she has to put much, much more energy into dancing, because that’s not the way it is, Mr. Chlopčík really didn’t do very well. Let’s hope that he at least apologized behind the scenes to the distinguished Ivana, who took his criticism with great nobility.

Even the actor Marek Adamczyk was greatly upset by the jury’s evaluation in the third evening of the competition, according to later words in the media and on social networks he even wanted to quit the competition. Fortunately, to the delight of many viewers – and especially female viewers – he did not. Even though this time he probably wasn’t twice as excited about the evaluation of his performance.

Iva Kubelková, who was not very praised last time, did not forgive her note in the locket either, when she remarked: “I received a bill for utilities from Chlopčík…” All the more curious about how the jury will deal with it this time.

Kinda like after a spanking

And honestly, right after the first dance, which was performed brilliantly by the presenter in an impressive purple dress Iva Kubelkova with Martin Prágre, it was obvious that the evaluation this evening would be in a completely different spirit. The judges acted like children who were scolded by their mother, and now they are finally trying to be good.

“I really liked it, I’m excited,” were Richard Genzer’s first words on Iva’s quickstep. Even Zdeněk Chlopčík was unusually satisfied. “A beautiful light dance, very, very nice,” he added. Not even a word about energy.

Also Darija Pavlovičová earned good grades with Dominik Vodička for the same dance. The actress was clearly embarrassed and moved by this, as in previous rounds she was getting rather a good “punch”, although she clearly has a knack for dancing and appears elegant and graceful.

A single ten for Eva

Most of the evening was thus spent in a peaceful spirit, the kayaker was once again interesting Vavřinec Hradilekwho again lifted his partner Kateřina Bartuněk Hrstková like a feather even during an energetic and unusually rock-conceived paso doble.

The same dance was conceived by a couple Marek Adamczyk and Lenka Nora Návorková in a more traditional way, but even their performances were full of tension and energy. However, when Marek heard that he was bent over the whole time and that a bull would immediately hit his sticking out ass, he became gloomy. But they didn’t get bad grades in the end.

The only top scorer of the evening went to the hot favorite for victory, a snowboarder Eva Adamczyková for his slowfox with Jakub Mazůch. Although they heard from Zdenek Chlopčík that they should play less and dance more next time, their skit based on a marital dialogue about housework was amusing. And Eva was fabulous again.

How far will the Marshal go?

“Perfection is pleasing, but boring,” he reminded Mark Eben the opinion of a famous confectioner Josef Maršálek not only for cakes, but also for dancing. The friendly, smiling bearded man has so far moved around the competition with a bear walk alongside Adriana Mašková, so it seems that as long as he brings fantastic desserts not only to his fellow contestants, but also to the jury, he will continue to learn that he has a talent for dancing, and if he trains more , will be great…

He had to say goodbye to the competition after the fourth evening, obviously surprised Richard Krajcowhom she came to support at training and in the auditorium wife Karin with the children and the punters predicted he would advance to the finals. But he and his partner Dominika Rošková took it bravely, the singer said goodbye with a smile and emotion. So let’s be surprised in what spirit the next, already fifth competition evening next Saturday will be. Will the cakes win or the dance?

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