Jitka Boho: It takes tolerance, freedom and respect in a relationship

Jitka Boho: It takes tolerance, freedom and respect in a relationship
Jitka Boho: It takes tolerance, freedom and respect in a relationship

We will meet at the baptism of the Michaela Gemrotová foundation. What about you and supporting projects that need financial help?
Of course I’m for every good thing. I know Misha personally from the musical, so when there’s still this level, it’s all the easier. I think there are generally enough of those projects now. Maybe thanks to social networks, it gets more people. I’m a big fan of it and I think it’s great that a record amount can be withdrawn in record time.

A lot of people say that after the covid period, when culture was very poor, everything is now on the right track. What is your view as an insider?
I don’t have that feeling, because now I’m on maternity leave as a mother, so I’m often at home. I still miss the culture. I’m happy when I can go to work and rehearse in the theater. So I probably don’t have quite the realistic view, but rather the view of a mother who is busy with time. Culture is very important. I regret a little that I don’t enjoy it more now, but I believe that the time will come when the little one grows up and we will go somewhere again.

You are used to being constantly under the microscope, in front of the lenses. How to get in shape quickly after pregnancy?
If I told you the whole process before I got here, you might laugh. It was challenging and sometimes still is. But maybe there is such advice after all. Don’t experience it so much, always tell yourself that the most important thing is the children’s health and that they are comfortable. And if one’s turn comes later, as it sometimes happens with those mothers, I think that it could be a little apologetic.

How to make such an imaginary clean table in life, if some relationships do not work out for us? What do you think is the best recipe for making subsequent communication comfortable?
Do you mean partner relationships? As I have personal experience, my advice is, it takes time. And certainly some compromises. With the passage of time and also with growing age, I think that I don’t experience some things as much anymore and I just put them behind me. And the ranking of values ​​is already set differently. The most important thing for me really is that my children are happy. Some personal needs really do go by the wayside sometimes.

So, thanks to being a mother, did such an imaginary enlightenment and wisdom come?
Definitely yes. I think that’s a completely different meta, as they say. But, of course, I don’t mean to say that women who don’t have children don’t have the values ​​set correctly. That’s not the case at all. But, of course, certain changes were simply caused by motherhood. And I would say that these are changes for the better.

As a beautiful model and singer, you have a certain number of admirers. How has he changed since you became a mother? Has the circle of people changed in any way?
Probably yes. I think that a person generally radiates something from himself, has an aura, an energy. And then similar people are attracted. I think the circle of people is different now than when I was single. It’s probably natural, it’s also part of the development.

You live with Tomáš Hřebík, councilor for territorial development in the Prague 8 district. What do you think is the key to a happy, functioning relationship?
These are terribly difficult questions for me to answer quickly. (laughter)

I’m sorry…
Maybe it’s respect for your partner and some freedom. I’ll admit that I’m learning to give the other person freedom. It also requires a dose of tolerance and, as I said, simply putting some things behind you.

How do you deal with the toxicity of today’s social media and ubiquitous criticism?
I don’t read it. Of course there are people who write to me and forward it to messages. “Look, Jitka, they wrote so-and-so about you here!” You don’t have to send it to me, I don’t even want to read it. But sometimes it happens that I see it, and then I don’t get it and I react. But I always try to find a compromise. I respect people’s opinion, but if they are anonymous profiles and I see that they don’t have a single follower, I don’t feel that way. I certainly don’t see it the way I did when I was eighteen.

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