Baldur’s Gate 3 is so popular that it was even mocked in South Park


Not even three months after the release of the long-awaited sequel to the legendary brand Baldur’s Gate, its popularity has not decreased in any way. On the contrary, not a week goes by without some interesting story emerging from his world.

The writers of South Park have been poking fun at gaming subcultures for a long time, their mocking depiction of the “PC master race” already legendary.

The fact that the popularity of the excellent RPG has long gone beyond the limited waters of the gaming pond is best illustrated by the fact that the creators of the cult series South Park did not miss the attention, who did not hesitate to dig a little at its developers.

In the recently aired 326th episode, titled Joining the Panderverse, the titular group of childhood friends find themselves in a parallel world populated only by racially diverse women. The traditionally crazy plot is primarily based on excessive political correctness and superficial anti-racism, but the current game hit also received its share of ridicule.

“Oh my God. My saved position! I’m already 50 hours into Baldur’s Gate, but now I have to start from the beginning,” the alternate version of Eric Cartman cringes after starting the game. Her friend Stan dashes her hopes by saying, “Saved positions can’t even be shared between Playstation 5 and PC, so how would it be possible to share them across other dimensions?”

However, the developers of the game from the Belgian Larian Studios did not like this joke and immediately reacted on social networks. Although they admitted that positions saved through different versions of alternative reality do not really work, the so-called cross save between different platforms is already fully functional at the moment.

We can only hope that this will also apply to the upcoming Xbox version, which we can expect to see before the end of this year.

Hello @SouthPark

While Baldur’s Gate 3 saves can’t cross multiversal barriers, we can confirm they do actually transfer between PC and PS5!

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