Contestants vs. jury in StarDance: OPEN WAR WITH THE BOY!

Contestants vs. jury in StarDance: OPEN WAR WITH THE BOY!
Contestants vs. jury in StarDance: OPEN WAR WITH THE BOY!

Saturday paso doble performed by the actor from Kukaček and Lenka Nora Návorková (32) earned a pleasant 23 points from the jury, but the jury also had reservations. “Beautiful expression, it had a story, there was fantastic contact. The dog walking steps were fantastic. But it wasn’t there with that waist, you would have been gored so many times by that bull that your ass would have been punctured.” stated the Boy towards Adamczyk. At that moment, he lost his temper and blurted out: “Fuck!”

Marek Adamczyk after StarDance: I am most angry with myself


It was not the first time that the actor, who also has a wife in the competition, Olympic snowboarder Eva Adamczyková (30), could not bear the harsh words of the jury. “I feel stupid. I had a very good feeling from yesterday’s quickstep. We danced it the way we wanted, all the passages that I sometimes had problems with worked out for me, Lenka caught the baby, which was again something she was afraid of and… We got three sixes!” he sighed the previous round.

“It’s hard, I lack motivation,” Marek confided that he couldn’t sleep because of the jury’s evaluation. And that next time he will only dance »to Pavlásek« (Lukáš Pavlásek aka Tydýt won bronze in 2015 with his »cabbage stomping« on the dance floor). “Sure, it’s not about life. But by the fact that everyone puts so much energy into it, it simply matters to a person.” Adamczyk lamented.


In StarDance, it is Zdeněk Chlopčík who is in his stomach the most, and the audience likes him for his comments. Adamczyk shared a video of a half-naked, dancing man on Instagram with the caption that this is how he trains at home. The sinewy man, however, with his sharp facial features, is strikingly reminiscent of the dreaded juror!

Eva Adamczyková continues in StarDance: What do you say about Krajča dropping out??

“And no, this isn’t Mr. Boy, I checked,” Adamczyk dug in, trying to mock his biggest critic. Is Zdeněk Chlopčík really too sharp, or does the actor take his words too personally? Anyway, it looks like it’s going to be really hot in the keenly watched competition…


Some of Mark Adamczyk’s fellow actors agree that he can’t take criticism. “When he was still playing with Mrs. Hana Maciuchová Harold in the play Harold and Maude, he took it hard when theater critics wrote nothing but good about him. He was still dealing with it at the club,” revealed Aha! his unnamed colleague from the Theater in Vinohrady. “We told him to screw it up, that it wasn’t worth it,” he added.

Poor Marshal! Hatred because of Krajč?

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