Vincent Navrtil had a psychiatric diagnosis! The forehead is obt

Vincent Navrtil had a psychiatric diagnosis! The forehead is obt
Vincent Navrtil had a psychiatric diagnosis! The forehead is obt

He is young and has his whole life ahead of him, people know him as a smiling dream actor and a great comedian. The son of Veronika Ilkov, Vincent Navrtil (26), admitted that he was not sleeping on the roof. His life is complicated by psychological problems. In the show 7 pd Honzy Ddka revealed that he was diagnosed with two diagnoses – obsessive compulsive disorder and hypochondria.

Veronika Ilkov’s son, actor Vincent Navrtil, had known mental problems. his life is complicated by obsessive compulsive disorder. Its symptoms may seem subtle to patients until they realize that some of their forms even require medication.

I have rituals that I do, when I do things, the young actor admitted in the show 7 to Honzy Ddek that he gets on his nerves around him. Obsessive compulsive disorder, abbreviated as OCD, is manifested by intrusive thoughts that compel the victim to repeatedly perform certain rituals. If the trap is not full, board the bones. The skull is then cut and the patient has to save himself with the strength of his own will, fear and discomfort.

When I lock, I have to make noises. I have to recite: Change, change, prrr, prrrr, he explained one of his regular rituals. But that’s not all his problem, apart from obsessive compulsive disorder he also suffers from hypochondria.

Right now I’m afraid I’ll go blind in two days. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, my eyes hurt. I have a different disease every day. I’m currently stage blind, added Vincent, who is now among the best comedians and is known for his sense of humor.

Vincent Vvrtil did not underestimate his outfit so-

At one point, he even received criticism for him, when he was making fun of ordinary people who were taking pictures on the street on social media.

Even hypochondria falls among psychiatric diagnoses. It manifests itself in an exaggerated fear for one’s health and a conviction that the hunter is suffering from a so-called disease.

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