REVIEW: For vtr? The charm of quixotic female warriors is visible in Jikov

REVIEW: For vtr? The charm of quixotic female warriors is visible in Jikov
REVIEW: For vtr? The charm of quixotic female warriors is visible in Jikov

The father is a physicist, the daughter a scientist. Taouchu, I need to film something so that people will believe that you are a scientist, pushes the father, who will deal with thermodynamics, the construction of passive houses and, in the holy fight for a healthy planet, a global carbon tax. It only needs a little: his project would have to be adopted by all the countries of the world.

He doesn’t stand up against the insider money of politicians, he leads taouch small battles at home in the kitchen. In the spare moments of the summer, when it’s cold again, it’s easy to refuse to bend with the words of the gas code and the model of the model of the wheels, how many dishes can be loaded into the dishwasher, while he observes the operation of the equipment with fascination.

In contrast to other activist posters, the spirit of Jikov shows the loving tolerance of the next generation of the family, who conducts a mass test for covid before the last meeting and finally writes about the proposed tax, when the physics text is cheerfully set to music and the sister calls Reisra’s brother.

In an amateur project, he is born full of household chores including children, and it is impressive how much energy, time and creativity the father and daughter devote to their dream vision, the real feasibility of which is ironically proclaimed by the scientist’s colleague: Zeman, yes, where do we get it from?

At the world’s largest, make placards, put the grassroots of the action in a similar ultl as reisra’s popsicles, find support at international climate summits. In Madrid, persistently point to the two walls of individual countries; when the daughter then asked the father how many people from Madrid had contacted him, he answered: No one; it means that the response is permanent.

Jiko’s vidn

65 %

Director and scen Marta Kovov, ink Marta Kovov, Ji Svoboda

On the next train to Glasgow, dad even showed up with me! only their idealistically naïve belief in summits of their kind will be struck again. On the other hand, they are one step closer to each other. Which is important, because the film is stronger and funnier only in family intimacy, not in public stands.

In addition, the dog’s absolute devotion to his own utopia of a carbon tax does not attract aggressive environmental fanatics. When he learns that he is allowed to eat imported goods or when he chooses a plane instead of a train for the trip to the summit, in addition to all the arguments, he also speaks of a policing trace of healthy selfishness.

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